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Sweet Dessert Wine   

Natural flavors of plants found in the West Indies are incorporate into Caribbean sweet dessert wine beverages. Sorrel drink, Stone Ginger Wine, and Red Label Wine are all popular kinds of dessert wine in Jamaica and other islands. Although you may enjoy these wines during the Christmas season, Independence, and New Year's Eve, they enhance Sunday dinner parties and other celebrations throughout the year.

Nonalcoholic Sorrel Wine

Sorrel or Roselle is a small shrub that grows to about three meters in height. During fall season, Harvested Hibiscus sorrel flowers plant is dried and used to make the drink. While most people immediately think of red sorrel, white sorrel is also available but rarely seen in Caribbean supermarkets or backyard gardens across the island. While both types of sorrel are sweet, red sorrel tends to be tangier, while white sorrel is smooth.

Almost all Jamaicans look forward to having several glasses of sorrel sweet dessert wine at Christmastime, and for many, Christmas is just not the same without the scent of sorrel steeping in hot water. As the aroma of sorrel, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and sometimes nutmeg spice fill the entire home, everyone inside and those passing by feel wrapped up in the love of Christmas and all the joy that the season brings.

Both nonalcoholic and alcoholic sorrel wine are usually available because while adults in Jamaica drink sorrel with Appleton Estate rum and cloves, children are not allowed to drink the alcoholic beverage. So a prepared serving was instead available in a separate bottle for kids and young adults under the age of 21. It is placed on the dinner table, ready for women expecting or adults who prefer to avoid alcohol for other reasons.

Islsnac's roselle hibiscus wine is packed with vitamins and helps to lower cholesterol. To enjoy the refreshing flavor of this healthy drink at any time, pack a takeaway bottled drink with your lunch. You'll help prevent cancer cells' development, neutralize free radicals that contribute to inflammation, and lower your blood pressure with every tantalizing sip.

Stone's Ginger Wine

Stone's Ginger Wine combines spicy ground ginger with the sweet taste of wine grapes. Made in England since 1740, Stone's was the flagship of the Finsbury Distilling Company. It can be blended with whisky and served over ice. You can also make a summer cooler on hot days by adding freshly squeezed lemons, water, and cane sugar. 

Only the finest ginger root are selected by Stone's Ginger Master, who sends them to the winery. The beverage produced has a smooth golden brown color which hints at its pungent ginger aroma. Ginger has many medicinal properties, which is one reason why Stone's has developed a cultlike following. Stone's was in high demand even in 1832 because it was thought to be an effective preventative for cholera. 

Its sweetness slightly softens the Stone's spicy character and is considered one of Jcan's premier sweet dessert wine. This drink revitalizes you, putting a zing in your step after dinner. Perfect for summer nights, it also warms you up on cold winter evenings. This Celiac-friendly drink has an alcohol concentration of 13.9%, so it's appropriate for men and women on a special diet. 

Red Label Wine

Red Label Wine is the best-selling wine drink in Jamaica. It's popular in many Jamaican recipes and is added to fruit mix raisins to prepare for a flavorful Jamaican rum cake. This wine is associated with the dancehall and the Jamaican passion for life. It's "turned on the thrills" for decades and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any party.

The distinct flavor of Red Label Wine is produced via a secret blend of natural ingredients. You'll detect a hint of candied berries and marzipan to delight your sweet tooth. You'll even be able to savor a bit of dark chocolate in this wine. Of course, this fine Jamaican product wouldn't be complete without nutmeg, which is popular in everything from Jamaican rum cake to banana bread.

Red Label Wine can be sipped hot or cold, served with a meal, or while relaxing on the beach. It's produced locally by J. Wray and Nephew and enjoyed around the world. J. Wray and Nephew has blended and bottled fine spirits and wines since 1825 and is one of the largest exporters on the island.

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