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Jamaican Sorrel Wine   Mocktail

Where to Buy Sorrel   Wine Mocktail. 

If you've never enjoyed Jamaican sorrel wine mocktail, then you are missing out. The basis of the product comes from the world-renowned Jamaican sorrel that has found a home throughout Asia, South America, and Central America. The sorrel plant in West Africa is referred to as roselle hibiscus. The flower is used as a base for wine beverages or in sauce foundation recipes. Jamaican hibiscus sorrel also known as roselle wine or zobo drink, as it is called in Nigeria can be purchased right here at the Islsnac's West Indian desserts and pastry shop.


While our offices are based out of Yorktown, Virginia, our Caribbean online shopping resort with a variety of West Indian goodies, is available to anyone, anywhere! If you are interested in exploring the health benefits of Jamaican sorrel roselle wine, you have come to the right place. Click here. It is a perfect gift idea for all seasons, especially during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Additionally, where to buy sorrel in its dried hibiscus form is available in our tea aisle of the tropical supermarket section. 

Choose a healthier wine option without consuming sulfites or any dangerous additives that can cause harm to your body.

A chance to slow the aging, boost your immune, and improve your eyesight.

Celebrate well while enjoying sorrel benefits and become more socially acceptable with this nonalcoholic dessert wine

Option 1

hibiscus zobo wine

Made with pure honey. The flavor is Less sweet, more tangy. 

Option 2


Made with molasses brown sugar. The flavor is sweet and smooth electrifier. 

What is islsnac's Sorrel Wine Made of?

Our Jamaican sorrel drink is a bright red, tropical mocktail quencher that is loaded with several different spices. The Islsnac sorrel wine recipe includes cloves, fresh ginger root, and