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5 Reputable Local Coffee Shops nearby with Astute Customer Service

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Whether you're new in Hampton roads, VA, or a denizen here, knowing any good coffee shops nearby can be your savior on some lazy days when you need to take a quick break from work or maybe meet your old friend and rant about all that's happening in your lives over mugs of freshly brewed coffee. Being an out-and-out coffeeholic and an admirer of good quality coffee, I know some coffee places open in the city and will help you find fun things to do near me.

I started checking out the local coffee shops and Juice bar near me in Hampton Roads quite a few years back when there were only a few. Now, the city is crowded with cafe type shops ranging from the overpriced ones to the budget-friendly ones. And just like the prices, the quality of coffee also differs in these places. Hence, it's always better to have some information before expecting something outstanding.

Also, customer service equally matters as the food quality at the places I visit. So, based on the overall quality of coffee and service, here are the five most reputable local coffee shops nearby in Hampton Roads, VA.

Column 15

Famous for its cold brew, Column 15 Coffee Roastery is a fab place to hang out with friends or spend some quality time alone reading books, working, and relaxing. I like to visit this coffee shop quite often, and my way is to grab a cozy seat, order my favorite coffee, which keeps on changing and turn the Wi-Fi on to binge-watch some popular web series. A few years ago, I used to read a lot, and there was a favorite couch where I had finished almost a dozen of best books to read while sipping coffee. But now I have a hard time finishing the books I start, so I simply head over when I feel like drinking coffee and maybe working or watching something.

The menu is elaborate but quite precise, and so is their quality, which has luckily retained over the years. Nitro cold brews are very much hyped at this place, and the reason is simply the subtle sweetness that comes from chocolate notes and fruit flavors. In addition, the cold brewing process gives them a unique smooth, soft texture that'll linger in your mouth for hours. I used to prefer Ember and Nebula for these coffees' unique citrus flavor, but nowadays, I'm obsessed with Obsidian, which is different, nutty, and chocolaty. Finally, if you are a tea lover, you must try amethyst at this place, a nitro tea with a concoction of floral and fruity flavors.

At Column 15, there are excellent options among nitro cream, and latte flavors. Some varieties like lavender chocolate mint, butterbeer, and cinnabunn are exceptional, among others. And since this one is a famous coffee shop in Hampton Road, VA, you can bring your fav coffee beans and accessories home. Last week, I got a growler and filled combo, giving me excellent service at home. The menu also includes hot coffee, cold coffee, and baked goodies equally popular here. Ordering a freshly baked croissant with my coffee has been constant, and the best part of their service is that they'll reheat your croissant if you request.

Here comes the most attractive section in their menu - flavor selections. There are more than seventy varieties segmented into coffee, sodas, amethyst, and flavors. All you need to do is find your favorites and ask these guys to combine them as per your instructions. You can also place wholesale orders and online orders at Column 15 if you have some pop-up shop ideas in mind. Overall, this coffee shop is the best out of all listed here if you ask me.

Lynnhaven Coffee Company

Located at Virginia Beach, this one is a go-to place for the localities to grab a morning coffee and some munchies. It is a pet-friendly coffee shop with a calm ambiance inside and an outdoor sitting area where I usually sit if the weather is kind. I remember how I found this coffee shop on my way back from jogging on a Sunday. I took a seat, ordered a Drip Salvadorian coffee and croissant, which arrived within a few minutes. The shop was pretty neat, the staff was welcoming, and the most impressive part was the aroma of their coffee.

When I tasted the Decaf royal select Brazilian coffee at home that I purchased here, I knew where to score the next packet. They are excellent when it comes to the quality of roasted Brazilian coffee. Later, I learned that you could order online from their website and check out which coffee they are roasting currently. For instance, they are roasting Santa Barbara Estate Colombian, Kenyan Peaberry, Bali Blue Moon, and Brazil Mogiana Royal Select Water Decaf - all these four varieties presently. On selecting the name of the coffee, you can read about their origin, flavor, and a lot more regarding the harvest and roasting process. This way, you can find the most suitable coffee for your taste.

Now, let's talk about the menu they're offering at the coffee shop. I usually prefer BLT and smoked chicken. There are some fantastic sandwiches, but the colossal gravlax club saves me when I feel ravenous. Apart from sandwiches, healthy bowls, bagels, and other exotic items are all handcrafted. And when it comes to the beverage section, I prefer the classic Americano over ice, but you can get yours served hot if you like it that way. Cappuccino, mocha, drip coffee, and cold brew are some great options, and if you want your coffee to be strong, you can order the double espresso as well. Finally, they have a pretty versatile collection of tea that you can check out at this shop.

You can shop online from Lynnhaven Coffee Company by launching their website or visit it personally and see the quality first before bulk ordering. Overall, they are friendly people offering great varieties that set them apart from other local shops. Furthermore, they are well known for sponsoring popup shop ideas by hosting startup businesses showcasing unique products. If you decide to stop by Lynnhaven coffee shop on a Saturday, check-out the hosted popup vendors.

Pour Favor coffee shop

Pour Favor is home to original coffee flights specializing in finely crafted coffee, teas, baked goods, food, and more in a quaint ambiance. This Puerto Rican-based coffee shop can be your go-to place even if you are new to coffee because they know how to introduce you to the world gradually. And in case you thrive off of coffee just like me, you'll find this place quite captivating. I like the wooden setup and yellow lighting at this place, which gives it a pretty vibrant appeal. Also, there is an outdoor seating area where you can spend some beautiful moments unwinding in the fresh air.

Now, let me talk a little about Puerto Rican coffee beans and what's so special about them. Well, Puerto Rican coffee beans are considered one of the finest beans on the planet. This is why the industry is fetching popularity among others. The coffee beans are smooth, full-bodied, and low in acids. The flavor is a blend of chocolate, honey, and caramel. The coffee they serve at Pour Favor is carefully selected from the finest beans roasted to perfection. The staff is polite and quick, making it a comfort zone for many. And so, you can visit any day for a great tasting coffee experience. What makes them unique is none other than the coffee flight. It includes several coffees, which are hot, iced, and the flavors of your choice. For example, the coach flight has a latte, mocha, macchiato, and cold brew, whereas the first-class flight includes a latte, mocha, macchiato, cold brew, and two more drinks of your choice. And the most fantastic thing is the seasonal flight, which keeps on changing frequently. Hence, they make sure you don't get bored with the same options.

I found this coffee flight to be the best option for individuals who are yet to become coffee lovers. Or, if you like some flavor and your friend likes the other, you both can enjoy from one platter. The Virginia Beach and the Suffolk outlets both provide online shopping options as well as self-picking your favorite coffees when you visit. And during your visit, don't forget to check out what they have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner alongside the range of coffees. Their avocado toast and breakfast burrito are two of my favorites from the breakfast menu.

The coffee menu has cold brew, nitro coffee, a quick coffee, espresso, and coffee flights. You can also order herbal teas and other beverages on days when you're not in a mood to enjoy coffee. And Pour Favor can be a great place to check out if you plan to launch your coffee shop. But, again, it's all about management that makes them stand apart from other local coffee shops in the city.

Roast Rider

If you're wondering how to open a coffee shop, and that's why you're on this page, Roast Rider is an incredible place that can encourage you a bit. With an Insta-worthy interior, this Hilltop treasure will joyfully welcome you and make you understand the subtle elements that make a coffee shop different from others. This addition to the coffee scene in Hampton Roads has retained the overall quality you'll expect as a coffee lover. And that's why I keep coming over quite often.

As soon as you step inside the coffee shop, you'll notice that the baristas are pretty friendly and informative. They'll guide you on placing an order for your favorite coffee and ask if you want to try their delicacies alongside. The coffee they prepare uses award-winning green beans and triple-filtered water, the secret behind the incredible aroma and flavor. You can choose your sitting zone indoors or outdoors as they have a vast area. In addition, they have some avant-garde coffee machines like Simonelli Aurelia and Fetco for different kinds of brews.

When it comes to the varieties of coffee that you can bring home or order online, you'll be amazed. They have Equator, Amavida, George Howell, and some homemade syrups that you can check out at this place. And in case you love to collect coffee-themed goodies, they have some cool t-shirts, coffee mugs, bottles, candles, brew cup glasses, to name a few. Overall, I like the uniqueness and charm of this place that never seems to fade.

Cure Coffeehouse & Brasserie

Though I live far from this cafe, I keep visiting here for many reasons. The menu is packed with coffee and coffee drinks and some great sandwiches and salads. And they offer wines and other liquors as well. I personally like their churro latte and lavender mocha, which are rich and frothy in every sip. However, if you want to keep your order simple, go for an iced pour-over and a chicken sandwich, and you'll definitely like it.

The cozy cafe: has white walls and a minimalist interior that keeps the vibe upbeat. They have a wide range of craft espresso beverages, nitro coffees, pour overs, and house-made syrups that you can choose from. If you happen to visit during weekends, you'll find young people coming over for brunches. If you feel like ordering up coffee, they have some wonderful options too. Overall, this place is one of the coziest coffee shops I've visited near Hampton Roads, VA. And the customer service is something that deserves a special mention.

Now that you know where to head over, if you're in a mood for some coffee go ahead and make the most of it. This is nothing but a local's opinion about the five best coffee shops in Hampton Roads, VA. And I focused on three things while sharing my experience - quality, online ordering facility, and customer service. I believe these three are essential for coffee lovers who need their daily cuppa to be as fine as they serve in the coffee shops. Right now, I'm enjoying the Jamaican blue mountain instant coffee that I ordered from Column 15. You can simply explore the menu of all the above shops and find out what suits your taste buds. Or go give them a visit, and you'll know exactly how you want your coffee.

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