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5 Fun things to do with kids near me in Hampton Roads VA

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Fun things to do with kids near me!? Look no further. If you are planning to travel to the state of Virginia, there is no better place to explore than the seaside location of Hampton Roads. The area consists of some of the most popular sites, including Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. As Hampton Roads is both highly populated and very popular with tourists, it already has an excellent transportation system in place. You can travel into Hampton Roads using Norfolk International Airport or Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. If you prefer to travel by train, you can purchase your ticket for either Newport News or Norfolk station. The area also has a regular and wide-reaching bus network, so you can easily travel to different places.

Below, we have included five fun-filled experiences that you can have while visiting Hampton Roads, Virginia. From where to eat (including a Caribbean restaurant/shop that is a must-visit) to both exciting and active and relaxing and laid-back activities that everyone will enjoy.


Caribbean Food Resort - Taste Vacation Cafe

If you are looking to go on a taste vacation and an actual vacation, then look no further than Hampton Roads' very own Caribbean Food Resort, similar to other cuisines with Jamaican food near me. This colorful Caribbean restaurant offers many national dishes from various Caribbean islands and everyone's favorite Caribbean dishes. You can try their Jamaican food classics such as Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Rum Cake, or Sorrel wine. Or, perhaps, you may wish to sample their Stewed Oxtail, Ackee and Saltfish sandwich, Callaloo spinach Greens, or Ripe Plantains. This Caribbean restaurant has it all, and they even offer a wide range of sweets and desserts that members of the entire family can try.

The Caribbean Food Resort initially started when its founders wanted to provide people with a "Snacation" experience or taste vacation delivered straight to their doorstep. With this desire, coupled with wanting to re-live and share the fragrant and rich tastes and colors of the food their grandmothers served them, ISLSNAC was born. ISLSNAC was conceived by combining "ISL" from the word island and "SNAC" from snack and pronouncing "I'll snack." The Online service and Pop-Up Shop venture, soon to be extended into a Caribbean restaurant, is an absolute must-visit when you arrive in Hampton Roads, Virginia. ORDER ONLINE

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg

When you are visiting any new location and seeking fun and excitement, the first thing you will look for is a theme park or large-scale attraction. Hampton Roads is home to its very own Busch Gardens, located in Williamsburg, themed around the various countries in Europe. From Italy to France, Ireland to Germany, you can visit them all within the day at Busch Gardens. The theme park houses just under 30 roller-coaster and rides and hosts two special events a year, their Howl-O-Screen Halloween event and Bier Fest (Busch Gardens version of Oktober Fest).

If you have little children with you or do not wish to jump on the incredible rollercoasters the park has to offer, there are still activities that will appeal to you at Busch Gardens. With performances showcasing the beautiful music of Italy and Germany and River Dancing from Ireland, you can still visit the world from the comfort of a seat rather than a rollercoaster. Many European animals call Busch Gardens their home, including Birds of Prey, Gray Wolves, and various reptiles.

Great White-Water Sports & Dolphin Tours

There are many other fun things to do with kids near me, including the Great White Water Sports & Dolphin Tours. If you are an adrenaline junkie but dislike rollercoasters and rides, then perhaps you would prefer to participate in a selection of water sports instead. Then, you can either take to the Chesapeake Bay or Virginia Beach waters and partake in a whole host of water-themed sports. So whether you prefer the speed and excitement of a Jet Ski ride or Flyboard or a more relaxing Paddleboard, Hydrobike, or Kayak exploration, Great White Water Sports has something for everyone.

Great White-Water Sports has expanded its offerings to include activities that do not involve the water itself, unlike other water sports companies. Perhaps you may wish to try some Beach Yoga and destress during your trip or take to the skies for a brand-new helicopter tour and take in the beautiful sights that Hampton Roads has to offer.

The final offering provided at Great White-Water Sports is to join a Dolphin tour or hire a jet ski to conduct your own. Dolphins are frequent visitors to the waters of Hampton Roads, with the possibility of seeing these favored animals in either the Chesapeake Bay or off the coast of Virginia Beach relatively high. It is not the case to see Dolphins while visiting Hampton Roads, but rather when you will see them.

First Landing State Park

If your preferred way to spend your holiday is taking in the relaxing green spaces and learning about the history of the local area you are visiting, then the First Landing State Park will be perfect for you to see. The park's history dates back to 1607, as the area where the English colonists first landed on what was to become the United States of America. Later, in the early 1700s, the park was also rumored to have been the temporary hiding place of notorious English pirate Blackbeard. The area also has ties to the Civil War, used by Union and Confederate patrols. Whether you like to explore a sandy beach or dense forest area, the First Landing State Park has a varied terrain across its 11.69 km2 landscape.

First Landing State Park is open seven days a week from 8 am to dusk, with specific areas of the park open 24 hours a day. In addition, there is an onsite visitor center (open to the public from 8 am to 12 am) to help anyone that wishes to explore this unique area. The park also offers shops, picnic areas, and amenities that will make you feel comfortable visiting.

If you love the sound of visiting the First Landing State Park, you may be happy to hear that you can also stay there. With both camping grounds and cabins available for visitors, you can stay in either 1 of 20 cabins on the site or use one of the 200+ available campsite places. Not only may this be a more affordable alternative while you are looking for accommodation for your stay in Hampton Roads, but you will only be a short walking distance to the beach for the majority of your stay. And, not to mention, camping, which is one of many fun things to do in the summer with friends.

Virginia Living Museum

The last option that we have included in our top 5 fun-filled activities that you can partake in while you visit Hampton Roads, Virginia, is the Virginia Living Museum. Depicting the natural history of Virginia, the Virginia Living Museum has fun-filled activities for every age group. From younger children that can role play as a vet or animal keeper with the help of the real-life workers at the museum to the hands-on activities that older children can get involved in. For older guests, you can see a real endangered Red Wolf in the flesh, as well as meet various species of jellyfish and turtles.

The Virginia Living Museum has more to offer than the spectacular animals they have on show. Their onsite Planetarium and Observatory also provides its wonders, with Stargazing and Laser Evenings, where you can take in the stars and find planets with the help of specialized lecturers.

Building upon the museum's already established Dinosaur Discovery Trail (perfect for children), the Virginia Living Museum has a special exhibition (which changes multiple times a year, be sure to research what the museum is currently showing during your visit) revolving around Jurassic Giants. Included within this time-limited event, you can partake in Dino-Yoga (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like), the special Mysteries of The Past animal show, and take in the enormous animatronic Dinosaurs. However, be careful. The Suchomimus will try to spray you with water.

That concludes a list of the top 5 fun things to do with kids near me or activities you can experience while visiting Hampton Roads, Virginia. We hope you find these attractions appealing and wish to visit a few during your stay in this popular tourist area. Whether that is trying the Caribbean and Jamaican food at ISLSNAC Resort or taking a relaxing stroll around First Landing State Park. Perhaps you are an adrenalin junkie, and you will be heading towards Busch Gardens Williamsburg to enjoy the rollercoasters, or you may be looking forward to hitting the waters with Great White-Water Sports or looking out for Dolphins. Then, of course, the favorite family activities are also supplied at Virginia's Living Museum. Either way, no matter your age group or your personal holiday activity preferences, Hampton Roads has something to offer for everyone. You may also consider the listed venues as 5 Sunday funday ideas near me to enjoy. But let's leave this topic for perhaps a later discussion.

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