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Islsnac Caribbean Desserts and Pastry Shop Offers Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 U.S.A Only. 10% OFF use promo code: ISLSNAC10


Our popular Caribbean desserts and baked goods below feature a sample list of products offered in the islsnac bakery shop. Islsnac sweet treats are carefully prepared for guaranteed authenticity to satisfy your palates. Continue reading and discover Jamaican rum cake or black cake, sorrel drink, and Jamaican sweet potato pudding. While navigating the Caribbean bakery shop, closely look at our summarized dessert recipes, which are available for your stamped approval. We value your thoughts and recommendations.

As you scroll this page, you may notice the non-inclusion of islsnac popular coconut milk, rum sauce bread pudding (Budin de pan). Was it mentioned that bread pudding goes well with vanilla ice cream!? No worries, you will eventually try it for yourself. Our delicious traditional Jamaican desserts are rotated periodically for the occasional feasting of your eyes. 

Go ahead and click the black ORDER ONLINE button, or ORDER FOR PICKUP located above for bread pudding access in our dessert and pastry aisles online and Taste Vacation Cafe Restaurant.


Filter for cakes and puddings to finally see everything you have been anticipating. Thank you in advance for snacationing with us at our online shopping resort Caribbean bakery shop. Be free, dare to be adventurous, and explore our many authentic Caribbean recipes and resort featured items. 

Bright red, mouthwatering tropical quencher; loaded with fresh ginger root, cinnamon sticks, fresh cloves for an electrifying taste. Loaded with Vitamin C, A, and a good source of iron.

Sorrel drink known to improve eyesight, a great immune system booster, slows the aging process and improves digestion. Sorrel is a family of the hibiscus plant. Sorrel dessert wine is available in our Caribbean bakery snack beverage aisle!

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Jamaican fruit cake

Indulge with our authentic Jamaican Fruit Cake, also referred to as rum cake or Trinidad and Tobago black cake. This Wray and Nephew rum, red label wine-infused, moist, and savory holiday cake dessert, is known to be the crowds favorite during the seasons of thanksgiving and slaying bells.

Surprise your family and friends at dinner parties with the after-meal sweet snacks. For cupcake fans, visit islsnac Caribbean bakery shop cakes and puddings aisle, and try our new
Jamaican rum cake mini cupcake bites.

Authentic Jamaica Sweet Potato Pudding is made with red skinned grated sweet potatoes, spices, rum extract, coconut milk, brown sugar and a slither of low-fat butter. 

Our Caribbean bakery shop sweet potato pudding delicacy is prepared and baked the old fashion way. It is carefully baked in a brick oven similar to the "coal on zinc pot" that our grandma used back in the West Indies when we were youths. 

Very moist and flavorful, bright golden brown glazed caramelized crust. Enjoy with tea, coffee, or milk. Caribbean desserts and pastries made healthy! Loaded with "iron". While placing our sweet potato pone to your shopping baskets, also consider our vegan option.

sweet potato pone

Savor Islsnac Caribbean Bakery Sweet Snacks in 4 ways!

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Snack Delivery

Our wholesome nostalgic Caribbean bakery sweet snacks are created with love and care, and ship throughout the USA and Canada.

Start your snacation today by ordering some desserts and Jamaican snacks online. You are also welcome to sign up and receive monthly snack subscription boxes! The great taste of the tropics is never far away with Islsnac.

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Find out what is in your desserts with our snack nutritional information files. Healthy Jamaica drink, desserts, pastries, and snack crate ideas for adults at work and children at play are what you have been looking for. Your guilty pleasure desserts have only 200-400 calories.   

Jamaican food nutritional information

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