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Islsnac Caribbean online shopping resort offers delicious authentic Jamaican and Caribbean desserts, West Indian groceries, and other Caribbean vacation packages. Our snack selections are portioned with enchanting fragrant herbs, nuts, tropical fruits, wheat, and spices known for health properties used on many tropical islands around the world. We are a business of rich cultural paradigm made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, and the warmth to continuously care for consumer's needs, accept recommended solutions, and improve humankind's palatable experience.

Our team shares similar stories and memories of the enchanting tropical-flavored ingredients that our grandmothers used when we were youths. The scents of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg spice engulf our “yaad” or the streets from miles away, and neighbors gathered for a taste. These are memories that we all share and have kept dear to our hearts throughout our lifetimes. The memories of our grandmother’s baking are irreplaceable and give us gratitude for sharing and caring through West Indian Island snacks and Jamaican foods. islsnac goal is to rekindle the Caribbean Island tropical roots and share with you the beauty of simplicity through captivating fragrance, relaxation, delightful taste, and uncompromising good health. 


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Our Mission

Everyone craves the bright sun, clean waves, and fun atmosphere of the Caribbean, but most of the time, the cost is out of reach. That’s why Islsnac is dedicated to delivering the experience of the tropics in a convenient, cost-effective way: the perfect “snacation”! There’s nothing in the world like our electrifying, beautifully scented Jamaican sorrel wine, or our mouthwatering Jamaican sweet potato pudding made the old-fashioned way! One taste will send your mind and soul to a beautiful white sand beach in an instant.


Our Caribbean sweet snacks are created with love and care, and ship throughout the USA and Canada. Islsnac also offers special amenities if you want to create a true snacation experience. Unique souvenir beach gifts, online Caribbean grocery store, and popup spa treatments are at your fingertips, ready to enjoy alongside your snack of choice. 


Start your snacation today by ordering a few favorites from our online vacation options to relieve your Sunday blues, or even signing up for our monthly snack subscription! The flavor of the tropics is never far away with Islsnac.

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