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islsnac is a revolutionary online Caribbean island snacaton spot with a variety of amenities that includes, our snack shop, souvenir shop, and snacation spa and getaway. Our snack selections are portioned with enchanting fragrant herbs, nuts, tropical fruits, wheat, and spices known for health properties used on many tropical islands around the world. We are a business of rich cultural paradigm made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, and the warmth to continuously care for consumer's needs, accept recommended solutions and improve humankind's palatable experience.

Our team shares similar stories and memories of the enchanting tropical flavored ingredients that our grandmothers used when we were youths. The scents of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg engulf our “yaad” or the streets from miles away, and neighbors gathered for a taste. These are memories that we all share and have kept dear to our hearts throughout our lifetimes. The memories of our grandmother’s baking are irreplaceable and gives us gratitude for sharing and caring through island snack foods. islsnac goal is to rekindle the Caribbean island tropical roots and share with you the beauty of simplicity through captivating fragrance, delightful taste, and uncompromising good health. 

Since our first day of serving you, islsnac has been offering a plethora of island snacks at a great value and unbeatable prices. Our online snack shop has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic snacks along with unique new island delight chosen for you.  Savor your island delight today!

our mission

Everyone deserves a snacation. Most of us desire a tropical island getaway, vacation under the sun, a hammock swinging honeymoon, or simply to spend time with family and friends. Sunshine, beaches, and tropical flavored foods are the must-haves to recharge our ever-running batteries.

Islsnac recently discovered a solution for you to enjoy a little of what the tropics offers through exotic tropical flavored Caribbean snack foods and vacation amenities. We call the experience “SNACATION”. The ability to relax, snack back and enjoy a glimpse of what a tropical island offers while in the comforts of your homes. There are no sunshine or beaches, but your imaginations while munching our delicious snack treats will unwind a long stressful day. For those who are natives of a tropical island, your happy memories will be rekindled.



Destry  Lindsey, NJ

Hi Islsnac, My wife and I had ordered your sweet potato pudding and your island roasted cashew.This was our first time ordering from your site. We were more than pleased when our order had arrived at our door steps in New Jersey....wonderfully package! We were left in awww with your presentation, but most of all that succulent taste that was left in our mouths after each taste of the sweet potato pudding, richly embedded with flavor. The cashew was wonderfully roasted.... Our taste buds were stimulated after each crunch. Your island roasted cashew Gave us the real “Island vibe”. Can’t wait to try more of your products!!!


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