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3 Types of Milk Fortified Stamina Aphrodisiac Drinks

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

If you are searching for a boost of endurance, learn of three combinations of milk-fortified stamina aphrodisiac drinks that will deliver an extra boost.

You've had your fill of Caribbean food, maybe enjoyed a glass of spiked sorrel drink mocktail, then finished it up with Jamaican sweet pastries. So, what else is there to drink to build stamina? Jamaica is known for countless beverages that are unique and satisfying. If you browse your Caribbean supermarket shelves, you can find them abundantly: Supligen peanut and vanilla flavors, Peanut Punch, and Irish Moss Drink. They are either together or in separate bottles or canisters. Try these meal replacement shakes and discover what you have been missing.


Peanut has a very important place in Jamaican culture. It is in the food. It is also in the drinks.

Many grown-up Jamaicans today lovingly remember their mother get peanuts harvested from their garden or farm. Then the peanuts were roasted and then were eaten as is or as condiments or ingredients in various aphrodisiac mixes. Caribbean and Jamaican stamina drinks often include a mix of peanut punch, milk base fortified nutritional supligen with dragon stout and nutmeg spice.

There are also surprising Jamaican drinks that have found their way into Caribbean groceries worldwide and even online that have peanut ingredients.

One of the aphrodisiac drinks is Supligen. It is an energy drink that has a flavor edition which has peanuts in it. It is widely known to be a fortified nutritional health drink because it controls both blood volume and blood pressure. It also works on the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

As you may have noticed, Jamaicans excel in sports. Look at those lean and slender sprinters and runners with taut muscles and well-toned physical structures. The regular consumption of supligen might have something to do with it.

Jamaican mothers have such control over their children when they were growing up. Their nutritional requirements were nurtured properly by their mamas and when Mama wants you to take your supligen with eyes on fire, you as a child, can't do anything much about it.

But if the child himself or herself likes the taste of milk base supligen as millions worldwide do, then there's no problem. Take a survey of those top Jamaican athletes and chances are nutritional meal supplement supligen was an essential part of their growing up nutrition.


Have you ever browsed the international section of your local tropical supermarket and just caught a glimpse from the corner of your eye the drinks with the words Irish Moss on them? You just sort of pushed them back at the back of your subconscious and kept on picking the drinks that you had on your list.

But sometimes you are fed up with the beverages you keep on drinking, and you want to try something new and exotic. Drinks that make you remember your last tropical vacation at the beach, with a new and refreshing drink on hand chilling you down. A drink that's reflective of the culture around you. What do you say, a Caribbean aphrodisiac Drinks?

It is surprising to know that Irish Moss is actually a white or red seaweed from the ocean floor. But it has been used as a thickening agent for many products you see on the grocery shelves for decades. Its scientific name has a funny peculiar rhyme to it - Chondrus Crispus.

Chondrus Crispus
Chondrus Crispus - Irish moss or carrageen moss

But Jamaican culture gives a great deal of attention to Irish Moss because it is mixed in with a lot of local drinks and beverages. It is in Peanut Punch for one. Yes Sir! Irish Moss and peanuts in one concoction.

Is it a milkshake or a protein drink? What do you think?

There are many versions. For the ingredients, typically, there's the peanuts and the Irish Moss; then water, sugar, milk, and corn syrup. Better chill it before drinking because you will be surprised at the tantalizing flavor that will confront your tastebuds. Shake it well before drinking. Something Jamaican. Definitely Caribbean.

Reminds you of the beach.

natural aphrodisiac drinks


Jamaicans in their homeland and even those who migrate abroad, still look for Irish Moss and Peanut Punch wherever they can find one. This is because they have believed ever since these are natural aphrodisiacs. They are libido arousing and heightens pleasure during their lovemaking.

Of course, they are energy drinks, and they increase one's kinesthetics while on the bed.

Who can blame the Jamaicans to drink these beverages to their hearts' delight? They have large families, and they keep the babies coming as long they have Irish Moss and Peanut Punch in the fridge!

And to balance their sexual excitement, Supligen comes in to control and contain their blood pressure and blood volume.

What a combination. Beverages to heighten sexual life and then another drink to control your hypertension!

Western People take note... Take a cue from how Jamaicans live their lives... Always laughing... Always having a good time. But saved by supligen. Ha Ha Ha!


In your home state or city, if it's a large size or medium size, chances are there's a tropical supermarket nearby. Before, you were not so aware of Irish Moss or Peanut Punch, but now the mere mention of these beverages gets you all so excited and thinking of the beach, the palm trees, and the hammock you are going to take your nap in after a Jamaican feast.

Just browse the shelves of the Caribbean supermarket snacks and beverages aisle, and chances are, you will be able to catch all three drinks: Irish Moss and Peanut Punch for your sexual pleasure. And when your libido is so heightened that your blood pressure shoots up, drink up Supligen to lower it down to comfortable levels. Jamaican Island Living at its finest!


Supligen has vanilla, peanut, and strawberry flavors. Take your pick. It's so popular in the Caribbean that a multi-million-dollar factory to manufacture has been established in Jamaica. Supligen is then distributed to the whole of the Caribbean and even up to the rest of the Americas. This is because it is also so much in demand in tropical supermarkets all over the world. Not only Jamaicans and Caribbeans go gaga over it, but also other adventurous people who delight in its unique flavor as much as they also desire the Irish Moss and Peanut Punch stamina builder aphrodisiac drinks!


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