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Caribbean Resort Tour Guide System for Virtual Shoppers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022



A traditional tour guide system comprises devices such as microphones and wireless receivers. Physical resorts like Sandals or Rio, their process may involve an audio tour guide arrangement. It requires the guide or interpreter to talk into a microphone while visitors listen to the commentary via a headphone or headset. Unlike a typical audio tour guide structure, islsnac has implemented a written virtual guide for our online guests to follow. Continue reading and participate in what may be your first digital tour guide experience.

wireless tour guide
The endless possibilities


Hi everyone, my name is Jaden, and I am the lead manager for the islsnac resort, transcribed tour guide system (sitemap). Thank you for snacationing with us today. I am here to provide you with a seamless approach to your snacation experience. Welcome to our online Caribbean food shopping resort tour.

Come one, come all! De-stress in our virtual Caribbean resort oasis! If you are a new visitor to our resort (website), please subscribe to our mailing list or become a site member (snacationer). It is free to join. For existing snacationers, take advantage of our 10% OFF seasonal offer, using promo code: ISLSNAC1O during checkout. With that information out of the way, read on for navigational tips that we have laid out for you.


Are you a Caribbean native residing elsewhere in the world and becoming nostalgic about growing up in your homeland and remembering all the pleasant smells and tastes that your Granny or your Mum made you eat straight out of the kitchen?

Were you once a Caribbean tourist or frequent vacationer? Are you longing for the distinct appeal of Jamaican food, Caribbean goodies, Jamaican snacks, and desserts that you have already tried and developed a desire for more?

You do not have to go too far. It is almost impossible right now with so many restrictions for traveling. And traveling can also be quite costly. is the next best thing to make you experience the Caribbean festivities and taste vacation from the comforts of your home. While you are in the comforts of your houses or out busy working, take a moment for yourself to snack back and relax. Once again, I am Jaden, your wireless tour guide system expert. With my directives of the islsnac virtual tour, you will travel the Caribbean shopping world through our sitemap!


I am here to guide you through an easy and seamless way to access your favorite products or services that we offer.

Use the features that we have laid out for you and save time and money during your virtual Caribbean shopping experience. It is the next best thing to going to the Caribbean!

There is nothing more frustrating than having aches and pains while trying to shop or make purchases online. Online shopping should always be a pleasant experience. You should not have to go through the difficulty of finding what you need by wading a jungle of crowded information. Visiting sites that are super complex and not user friendly is irritating. These pains will be a thing of the past, starting today. I will see to that!

We have crafted an easy navigational tour guide system for you. Virtual resort hospitality of this magnitude is not available anywhere else. Well, at least not in this universe!

Now, browse with me, my friends, as we trek to the first Snacation spot of all time!


The homepage of the Islsnac online shopping getaway is referred to as the resort's main entrance or main lobby. There will be slight variations in how the Islsnac site is presented to you based on the device used. i.e. mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Let us commence the tour from the resort main entrance:

The resort's main entrance (homepage) was designed to access most of our website features with one to two clicks. But first, let me explain the broad overview of the fun environment of our virtual Caribbean resort. We have a lot in store for you!

Islsnac resort consists of six amenities, three are available for use, and the other three are under construction. Our available amenities for shopping are the Caribbean supermarket, Caribbean bakery, and the beach gifts souvenir store. Our food resort restaurant, spa and fitness gym services will be up and operational soon. Stay tuned!

The main lobby may immediately dazzle your eyes with our rotating carousels or similar objects of five rectangular boxes. Each box represents the amenities we provide, except for one. The beautiful color photos are not only in place for their visual effects and appeal, but also for easy access to whichever amenity products/services you would like to explore. Simply hover your cursor on each photo to identify the amenity. If you are not able to hover, the photos will provide a self-explanatory visual of the amenity it represents. For example: “the photo of the gentleman wearing the blue shirt and delivering Caribbean groceries to a home”. Clicking that box will lead you to the Caribbean supermarket main page. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW.

Above the rotating carousel on both mobile and desktop are the site main featured menu items and the resort's main heading introduction. Follow me. Continue reading. Let us take a closer look at the features above the rotating carousel.

Navigational tricks on multiple devices:


On the homepage (the resort main entrance) you will be greeted happily with the words: “Caribbean Online Shopping Resort”, “Caribbean goodies, Jamaican food, and more! Snacation Reimagined!”. These are our main headline to jumpstart your virtual Caribbean shopping.

how to use search box

For seasoned snacationers that are already familiar with our site, please go directly to the search box, the topmost part of all site pages, and type what you may be searching. For example, if you type the phrase Jamaica drink as a query in the search box, a dropdown list is revealed. The dropdown gives options to click a category of choice that matches your query. The possible category topics to choose from in the dropdown, are products, pages, or blog posts about your search term or phrase. In this example, Jamaica drink is your search term. With the many options available, you will be directed to a page where you will be shown our Jamaica drink information to make a purchase, view a recipe, or articles for your research purposes. Both the newbies (visitors who are not yet a snacationer) and seasoned snacationers (site members and loyal shoppers). Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


Where to locate the menu items:


The menu is next to the search box, to its right, towards the upper right corner of the home page, you will see three red horizontal lines running parallel to each other.


The menu is located left and above the search box. The main menu currently provides these choices for favorable navigation: Resort Main Entrance (homepage), Amenities, Snacks, Gift Card, Contact, Our Story, and Origin. (These choices may change as we make occasional updates to our website)

Resort Main Entrance:

The dropdown for the Resort Main Entrance includes Mission, Benefits, and Tour Guide. For example: Behind the scenes, of the Tour Guide option, one click will direct you to me, Jaden (your personal wireless tour guide rep) at your service. Also, that click will lead you to mid-page to a Wooded Navigational Arrow that says Explore. That arrowed photo link will transport you to this page. The use of these features will help visitors and snacationers become familiar with our transcribed wireless tour guide system sitemap. If you have read thus far you are already ahead of the learning curve. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


Clicking on Amenities takes you to our resort side entrance describing our shopping resort amenities in detail. It also gives you an option to access each amenity main page. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW.

The dropdown for amenities includes Grocery, Souvenirs, Spa, and Fitness. Snacks (Caribbean Bakery) is standalone of which all our other amenities are constructed to eventually create the term “snacation”. More on snacks will follow in the subsequent paragraph. Clicking on Grocery and Souvenirs will take you to our Caribbean supermarket and souvenir store respectively. The Spa and Fitness sections are still developing.


Clicking on Snacks will take you to the standalone amenity “Caribbean Bakery” service that was explained above. This access point will direct you to the Caribbean bakery main lobby or page. The bakery lobby will get you closer to your favorite dessert snacks and West Indian pastries. This page features Caribbean desserts, access to the bakery aisles, and snack services that we offer. The dropdown for snacks includes How it is done, Subscription, and Nutritional Facts. The Subscription, one of our snack services, is the interesting part here because you will be invited to join our Islsnac mailing list by providing your email address. Signing up for our newsletters is the beginning phase of transitioning from newbies to becoming a seasoned snacationer. The Subscription highlights our monthly snack subscription or weekly convenient snack delivery service. You will be delivered your unique Caribbean Snack boxes of choice, with an option to get a 15 percent discount from the regular price. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW

Gift Card:

Following Snacks, move your eyeballs on a horizontal linear right on the desktop and down on mobile, and you will see Gift Card. Digital online e gift cards are gifts (print or email) to your friends and family. Use Gift cards to purchase groceries, pastries, souvenirs, and desserts. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


A direct click on Contact is available if you have any questions or suggestions. Contact subsection includes FAQs, career, best food blogs, meet team, and COVID19. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW

Our Story:

Clicking Our Story relays, a background of what the Islsnac virtual Caribbean resort is all about and what is in store for you.


And lastly, clicking Origin will provide you a mini quiz on how well you know the Islsnac virtual resort brand (ON MOBILE). Discovering our Origin on DESKTOP and TABLET devices gives more details of our becoming. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


All amenities have an access point to their respective shop aisles. Did you know you can go directly to the aisles from the main entrance? Yes, you can! Follow me, read on, and discover how to explore for some quick and easy shortcuts to islsnac shopping aisles. Please scroll down with me to the middle of the homepage (main entrance) for a list of the benefits we have to offer you. Below the listed benefits are colorful buttons of Bakery, Grocery, and Souvenir.

For example, by clicking Bakery you will be transported directly to the desserts, sweet snacks, and pastry product aisles without visiting the Caribbean bakery main entrance or lobby. That is so exciting! With just one click of a button, your snacation shopping experience begins immediately! The same process applies to the grocery and souvenir buttons on the homepage. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW

On the next read below I will focus on the direct access from the homepage (resort main entrance) to the amenity aisles. Additionally, once you have arrived in each shop aisles, I will show you ways to navigate and filter for easy access to products without endless scrolling.


The filter feature in the islsnac shop is a very powerful tool for quick navigation to find products. With not enough time in the day already, getting your Caribbean merchandise should be quick and easy. The filter eliminates doing endless scrolls up and down the shop pages trying to find that one item. After today, no more painful struggles to find your favorite shopping aisles. Find the hidden secrets for getting to products seamlessly on each amenity product page.

Note that the filtered feature works the same for all amenity shops. See the listed active amenities below with their associated product shopping aisles.

We have provided a vast detail for you to become familiar with our terminologies. Continue reading for the details.

On a mobile device


Example (1). The Caribbean bakery shop aisle, is headlined Jamaican desserts, click on the word Filter which will indicate for you to click All or each aisle category. In this example, the use of this tool helps if you are after a specific group of items or ALL. i.e., desserts and pastries, Granola Snack Box, Cakes and Puddings, Drops and Tarts, and so on. The filtered tool provides convenience. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW

Next to the word Filter are two arrows pointing north and south. Click arrows. You will choose how the desserts and pastries will be displayed to you - newest to oldest, low to high prices, or high to low prices. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW

A similar process applies to desktop and tablet. For desktop, the filtered item categories are open and clear for your access. In the products shopping aisles, look to your left next to all the displayed products. SEE BELOW MORE ON DESKTOP COMPARISON TO MOBILE, RECAPS, AND OVERVIEW.


Example (2) Clicking the Grocery button on the homepage will transport you to the online Islsnac Tropical Supermarket. Click the word, Filter. Choose an aisle for direct access: Cereal and Powder Mix, Fresh Produce, Coffee, Canned Goods, Beauty, Wellness and Hygiene, Herbal Teas, Dairy, Baking and Flavoring Extracts, Condiments and Sauces, Spices, Noodles, and Soup Mix and International Snacks and Beverages. A real online tropical supermarket at your fingertips. You do not need to scroll down tirelessly to find what you want. Go directly to that grocery aisle of interest. Again, next to the word Filter are the two arrows pointing north and south. Clicking it gives you the three options again of being showed grocery merchandise according to newest, lowest to the highest price, or highest to lowest price. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


Example (3) Clicking the Souvenir button from the main entrance gives you access to the page where we show you the products and aisles in the Islsnac Souvenir Store. Again, clicking the Filter button will transport you directly as to whether you just want to browse for mugs, beach bags, or sunglasses, and clicking the arrows pointing north and south will make you choose a product display from the newest launched souvenir or whether based on lowest to highest or highest to lowest priced souvenir items. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


If you are using a desktop, there will be some differences in the virtual Islsnac resort's structure. Once again, to the left on top of the homepage (resort main entrance), running across horizontally to right, are the choices of Resort Main Entrance, Amenities, Snacks, Gift Card, Contact, and Our Story. Under these selections are the same subsections that you got when you use mobile and see those three horizontal red lines running parallel to each other on the top right corner. Reference previous explanation above.

To the right of "Our Story" is the Search Box you can type anything you are looking for in the Islsnac Resort.

Like the Mobile platform, if you go down the middle of the homepage, you will see the clickable buttons, Bakery, Grocery, and Souvenir.

On the desktop and tablet


1) This time, on the main entrance, click the Bakery button that will direct you to bakery shop aisles. Notice the filter heading that says “Snack Choices” on the left, with all the heavenly food for purchase, listed down for you one by one. Clicking on any one of them, for example, Cakes and Puddings will filter the products on the right to include only the cakes and puddings.

On the right of the page, there is a box that says Sort By. Clicking on it means you can sort the food selections from the Newest, lowest to highest prices, or from highest to lowest prices.


2) The same steps apply for navigation from the homepage directly to the Grocery Aisle. On the left, “Product Choices” are now the filter heading to the right. Below the filtered heading, a list of item categories is available. They are Cereal and Powder Mix, Fresh Produce, Coffee, Canned Goods and so on. You can see the pictures of the merchandise on the right once each category is selected. To see all products, click ALL in the list.

But you can filter them for your convenience by using the box on the right with the words Sort By, filter the grocery selections by Newest or by Lowest to Highest Prices or by Highest to Lowest Prices. Try clicking Herbal Teas, see our healthy teas like Soursop Gaviola Tea, Herbal Jamaican Bissy Antioxidant Tea, Cinnamon Tea, and more.


3) The same steps apply for navigation from the homepage directly to the Souvenir Aisle. The filter head is now “Souvenir Choices” and right below, a list that includes Mugs, Beach Bags, and Sunglasses. And on the right are the photos and prices of the merchandise.

But if you just wanted to see the beach bags, click on these listed filtered souvenir categories, and the choices will be filtered to just beach bags only. To view the options using sorting, click on the box that says Sort By on the right. Get to see the merchandise sorted from newest, or from lowest to highest, or from highest to lowest.


For orders from our virtual resort shops, you get an automatic 10 percent discount if you use the promo code ISLSNAC10, get free shipping for total purchases exceeding $40 anywhere in the continental USA. We also ship to Canada.

The Caribbean goodies and merchandise ordered will be at your doorstep, delivered by the smiling Delivery Man within a few days!


Now that your tummies are full to the brim with Caribbean goodies and Jamaica drink, and you have got yourself unique souvenirs during your Snacation, let us explore the Island snack sitemap for other unique features: Follow me, and read on.


For those who are just joining our transcribed tour guide system, my name is Jaden. I am your wireless tour guide personnel; I have been directing the islsnac tour guide on the process of shopping for Caribbean merchandise. Please see what you have missed by scrolling upwards to the beginning and choose from the topics of interest that are listed. Now let us continue with the tour for social media tricks.

Do you know that Islsnac is all over social media? On all pages using MOBILE or DESKTOP, scroll down until you see the icons of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Islsnac has maintained accounts for you to follow and share your pleasant Snacation experience with family, friends, and others! Let others also feel the happiness and satisfaction that have consumed you while you were on your Islsnac Snacation! Recommend them to click the icons to follow and read the posts of Islsnac on each social media platform. They will then receive updates on new things that we offer. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


Above the social media icons on the resort main entrance or homepage, whether on MOBILE or DESKTOP, is a section that says:

"Join Our Caribbean Vacations Shopping Community Today". It is located on the lower half of most pages.

Here, sign up by providing your name and email address. You will receive the first crack at our new launches of products or even samples delivered to you. ISLSNAC Loyalty rewards program is also available for accumulated savings on purchases made. Click here to learn how.


As with any Caribbean resort, you want to encounter the Concierge service or the hotel Front Desk staff for any query you might have. On the Islsnac homepage, whether on MOBILE or DESKTOP, scroll down below the social media icons and you will see the phrases: Get in Touch, Shop Support, Shop Hours, and Location.

Clicking "Get in Touch" will lead you to a page wherein you get to write your concerns and recommendation to Islsnac. We will get back to you with the appropriate answers in the shortest time possible.

When you click "Shop Support" to access a phone number, share your queries with our staff from 9 am to 8 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Clicking the 24/7 "Shop Hours" means we never close. Snacation is accessible all the time.

Location means our various kiosk throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia. Arrangements for catering services within the area are available by visiting the Caribbean Bakery main lobby or click service under the snacks menu dropdown options.


If you want to read real authentic reviews about Islsnac, whether you are using MOBILE or DESKTOP, it is that green box named REVIEWS. The green review box is pinned to the left side of your screen while you scroll. Click on it and read how others like you have experienced with pure joy the Snacation that only Islsnac can offer to you via virtual Caribbean shopping. Reviews are also available on the basement floor of the resort main entrance. It is a horizontal clickable slide show.

Now that you have gotten the basics of our review feature, please give me a review of my performance today. Write a review. Start with the phrase “The tour guide system was”. Your feedback will help us improve future tour guides. Go see for yourself and TRY IT NOW


Once again, I am Jaden, your Snacation Wireless Tour Guide facilitator of the Islsnac sitemap. Please patt yourselves on the back for staying engaged during this transcribed tour guide system presentation. Thank you for spending time with us and discovering Islsnac's endless possibilities. We hope your virtual resort experience will be a pleasant one. While you are working to make your vacation an actual one in the future, explore the Caribbean snacks, drinks, desserts, groceries, and souvenirs here 24/7.

Just as if you are on a beachfront lounging chair right in the middle of Caribbean paradise! See you soon on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social platforms to like, and share the colorful world of islsnac!

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