Caribbean Bread pudding or Budin de Pan that is not soggy

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Caribbean bread pudding with rum and caramel sauce


Welcome to the Caribbean islands of delicious Jamaican desserts! Where the waves are big, the sand is warm, and the people will happily welcome you with loving hearts. What do you think of when you think about the Caribbean islands? Sailing in an elegant yacht amid the warm, tropical weather? Diving deep under the ocean waters exploring the sea life you didn't know existed? Or maybe you think about meeting the local people and dancing the night away to the beautiful Calypso beats of the island village. Whatever you tend to think about when it comes to the beauty of the Caribbean, do not forget to pay tribute to the amazing island food we have to offer visitors. Whether it's Curry Goat, Caribbean Soursop Ice cream, or heavenly bread pudding, if you haven't tried some real Caribbean food, then you are surely missing out. Our delicious island Sorrel drink is a red bright, thirst quencher; filled with fresh cinnamon sticks, ginger root, and healthy cloves for an amazing taste! Our tropical Sorrel drink is packed full of Vitamin C, A, and lots of iron. This favorite island drink is also known to greatly improve your eyesight as well as being an amazing immune system booster. It slows down the overall aging process while also improving your digestion. From the hibiscus family, Sorrel is a very popular online beverage great for just about everyone! Come to discover this creative drink today online, and experience a mouth filled with tropical flavors of the Island.


Given that this breathtaking island is sometimes known as "The Land of the Flying Fish," you shouldn't leave without first trying some very popular Budin de pan, also known as Caribbean Bread Pudding. Our famous bread pudding with coconut milk is something special that everyone should try. Try our special bread pudding that is not soggy but is very satisfying to the soul. Just, imagine yourself sipping on a cold glass of Soursop lime while consuming some fresh Caribbean bread pudding with Caribbean bread pudding rum sauce.


Loaded with heavenly flavors of the Island, Islsnac's homemade inspired West Indian sweet snacks are delicious! If you want a touch of the Caribbean and a taste of authentic island food, then Islsnac's natural Caribbean Bread Pudding will send your mind and soul to a beautiful place by the waves. Islsnac's palatable Caribbean Bread Pudding is maybe even better than Louisiana's southern bread pudding. So, are you ready to go on the tropical snacation of your dreams? Well, let the delicious snacation come right to you by purchasing Islsnac's mouthwatering tropical bread pudding. A healthy and refreshing island snack, one bite into Islsnac's bread pudding will send your mind into true snacation mode. Irresistibly yummy and profoundly filling, this island dessert is filled with sweet brown sugar, authentic rum extract, chewy dried fruits, and a plethora of warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Our Caribbean dessert is carefully created by soaking the bread into a special blend of liquids, combined with sweet coconut milk, and eventually baked to warm deliciousness. This is just the right time for you and your family to enjoy a piece of our authentic bread pudding heaven from our snacation store right to your home. For only $25.99, you can now buy our amazing Caribbean Budin de pan and savor the heavenly cinnamon and rum goodness from this sweet cake-like bread dessert. Gently glazed with our mouth-watering Caribbean bread pudding rum sauce, we top it all off with sweet cherries for a true old-fashioned bread pudding experience!


Unbeknownst to many, Caribbean bread pudding is an island favorite in many other countries and can be a great gift idea for birthdays or parties. This moist, delicate dessert is created in a facility that manufactures nuts and so may contain the occasional tree nut now and then. Caution for those who have allergies! This savory and sweet dessert is also made out of eggs, milk, wheat, and soy so please be aware before purchasing. If you want to experience bread budding that is not soggy, come purchase Islsnac's homemade style southern bread pudding with coconut milk that will keep you wanting more.


Islsnac doesn't just offer special snacks and tropical drinks for customers to enjoy. If you want to experience a real island snacation in its totality, Islsnac's offers customers special amenities as well. With beach-style spa treatments and beautiful souvenirs, fun is truly waiting for you and your whole family! We also offer authentic Scotch Bonnet Caramel Corn for $5.99 a bag. Made with real kernel popcorn, sweet maple brown sugar, and real butter, what is not to love about our Scotch Bonnet Caramel Corn? Our Cassava chips are a real crowd-pleaser at $7.49 a bag. Our chips are made with fresh cassava root and natural peanut oil. They are the perfect snack for those who enjoy tangy and savory chips throughout the week. Do you enjoy eating spice buns for the holidays? Our traditional Jamaican Easter Spice Buns are enjoyed all year long by many. They come elegantly packaged as a triple or twin easter gift and are paired great with the butter or cheese spread. Many enjoy this Jamaican favorite with cocoa, tea, coffee, or milk. Islsnac's Spice Buns are ready to fill your mouth with the flavors of the Island. With the essence of Jamaica infused inside, our Jamaican Easter Bun and cheese boxes are sure to bring you back for more Caribbean snacation adventures.


Imagine waking up to a captivating view of the welcoming Caribbean waves, with the shining sun beating down upon you. You then decide to take a long, relaxing walk along the beachside just to stumble upon a quaint little snack shop known as Islsnac's and walk into a wonderful room filled with warm scents of fresh cinnamon, spicy cloves, and natural ginger. What a place to rekindle your Caribbean roots! That is why it is Islsnac's main mission to bring the heavenly experience of the tropics to you in a very cost-efficient way through a convenient tropical snacation. Your mind will be blown as you try their Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding for only $21.49 carefully made the old-fashioned way. Our $29.99 Jamaican Black Cake will send your taste buds soaring high as you sink your teeth into the traditional, moist, and tropical spicy cake made with pure love. What isn't there to love about this special Jamaican delicacy as the dried fruit and cherries are gently soaked for months in rum. Many island travelers from both far and near go quite a distance to purchase this Caribbean favorite for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas parties. You are sure to be satisfied with all of the delicious snacation products Islsnac's has to offer! From our refreshing, bright red Island Sorrel drinks to our popular tasty and sweet taro chips, our products are sure to please all of your taste buds. Interestingly enough, both taro root and sorrel are known to have a great impact and effect on your physical well-being. Loaded up with Vitamin C, Sorrel, and Taro both help boost up your immune system. Vitamin C tends to gently stimulate the overall production of several white blood cells to help to protect your human body from any unknown microbes and pathogens. Vitamin C also helps by simply hindering any cell damage from taking place by clearing up any free radicals. Our Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding is ready for all to purchase, at only $21.49 Islsnac's homemade style; mouthwatering Sweet Potato Pudding is made with authentic Jamaican love and amazing sweet red-skinned sweet potatoes. A Jamaican delicacy created the old-fashioned way, our Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding is very flavorful and blooming with a sweet, caramelized crust. Many enjoy eating this traditional Jamaican dessert with milk or tea. We sell all kinds of yummy snacation products! From our traditional Bulla cake that sells for $15.29 to our vegan Jamaican Coconut Drops for 13.89, these are the perfect sweet tooth snackers many will love! Our Coconut Drops are a very popular West Indian desserts, made with fresh husked coconut meat, nutmeg, vanilla extract, and healthy minced ginger root. This snack is a perfect addition to just about any dinner or meal and great for huge, family gatherings. These Caribbean sweet snacks are delicious for just about anyone to eat.


Islsnac's Caribbean bakery offers authentic Jamaican desserts at a very affordable price. We go above and beyond offering our customers the very best of products! Our online store is a very convenient way to order our amazing Jamaican desserts, and all of our product boxes are generously portioned. Let us do all the work in providing you with a real Caribbean snacation as you have never had before! Our speedy delivery service is great, and you can also subscribe. Why don't you let us bring the flavors and fun of the Caribbean island to you through our many products and relaxing Caribbean vacation amenities. Islsnac's online store is convenient, the products are very affordable, and the bread pudding is moist and savory. If you cannot come to the islands, then let us bring the food of the islands to you! We are here to provide you with the best desserts and want you to have a great time trying all of them.

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