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Let's husk through a few things. Summer-sault with soursop lime beverage.

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The snacation experience has become a frequent quest for many as we share our Caribbean Snack foods nationwide. Everyone craves the bright sun, clean waves, and fun atmosphere of the Caribbean, but most of the time, the cost is out of reach. That’s why Islsnac is dedicated to delivering the experience of the tropics in a convenient, cost-effective way: The Perfect “snacation”!

Islsnac also offers special amenities if you want to create a true snacation experience. Fun beach-style souvenirs and eventually a spa treatment will be at your fingertips, ready to enjoy alongside your snack of choice.


These past few months have been eventful, which is certainly an understatement. Our world became a victim to perhaps the deadliest plague, forcing many of us to fall into an abyss. COVID has certainly made us reflect on the value of our human existence. Then suddenly, during adapting to our new norm, social injustice poked its ugly head and created a pile of civil complexity throughout our communities. The never-ending stress is real, and 2020 may be the most challenging year for many.

I have spent most of my life’s mission as a global servant and I am grateful to have been blessed to be an islsnac ambassador. Our goal is to provide a snacation like no other! Caribbean vacation conveniently delivered to your doorsteps during these challenging times. You are now able to relax and enjoy a taste of the Caribbean tropics with friends and families stress-free with every sip and bite. You deserve it!


Summer 2020 kicked off blazing hot! Major public event appearance at Festivals, Navy Exchanges, and Farmers Markets in Hampton Roads Virginia is nothing short of amazing. Folks from across the globe visited us weekly to experience a taste of islsnac Caribbean treats.

Our new refreshing soursop with lime is the newest secret revealed, and many are raving with every gulp. It is no secret, islsnac Sorrel drink is exotic and electrifying, but our feedback on soursop may create a debate about which drink is better. See below two of our recent feedback from real snacationers:

Ariel: I had the pleasure of sampling the soursop juice with lime and I must say it was very refreshing and delicious.

Ty: I love the soursop lime drink! It is sooo refreshing!

Our Caribbean Bread Pudding with rum sauce and caramel glaze have become the staple of our product line. The perfect consistency and divine taste will bring your taste buds to place it has never been. No wonder so many folks cannot seem to get enough! This may be the best bread pudding dessert nationwide. The proof is in the pudding!

  • Islsnac sitewide summer sale is now up and running. 10% OFF during checkout, using promo code ISLSNAC10

  • FREE SHIPPING on orders exceeding $40


Islsnac appearance on KICK STARTER campaign fall 2022.

Hot specialty snack sandwich roll-out tentatively pushed to spring 2022

CBD infused snack roll-out, tentatively winter 2023.

Introduction of a few of our dessert snacks in gourmet stores have been CANCELLED

islsnac launches the snacation spa, and snacation fitness center services (date TBD)

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