Loyalty rewards program to spend less and save more

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Be rewarded!

Loyalty rewards program

Islsnac shopping resort believes in rewarding you on every penny spent. Snacationing should be fun and adventurous. Something to smile about. We value each time you spend with us. Therefore, paying you to enjoy your favorite Caribbean goodies is easy. This is exciting news for us and your continued loyalty. It is time to spend less and save more with the islsnac rewards program. Continue reading and see how it works.

How it works

  • Place an order and earn 3 points for every $1 spent.

  • A $2 discount is redeemable on every 100 points earned.

  • You earn points regardless of how much you spend. No minimum purchase is required.


If you spend $46, will automatically earn yourself 138 points, 62 points away from redeeming your $2 discount.

How to calculate :

  • You spend $46 X 3 points = 138 points

  • Redeemable 200 points - 138 points earned = 62 points remaining to make a redemption.

  • With the outlined example, you can see how easy it is to earn and redeem points on only two snacation visits!

  • You can stock up on thousands of points in just a few purchases

Where to earn your reward points:

Thanks to our partnership with Smile, snacationing has become something to look forward to with a smile. The reward program is designed for you and others across the globe, making it the most popular e-commerce rewards platform in the world. While navigating our website you will now see a small turquoise box that scrolls with you. Click it and discover how you can earn while you spend. Engage and have fun, and most importantly be rewarded with our loyalty rewards program. You deserve it!

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