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Caribbean Shopping Resort


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vacation drinks

Top Rated

The Intoxicating Non-Alcoholic Dessert Sorrel Wine Mocktail.

Show up and be bold, become a social butterfly, win friends, and drink healthily.

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What If You Could once again, Savor the Caribbean Getaway experience Without Throwing Your hard-earned money away on overpriced Vacation Packages? Or risking the safety of your loved ones in these fragile times?

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Snacation Resort Amenities

snack benefits

We Provide a Tropical Taste Vacation Experience with...

  • vacation personally packaged and delivered to you.​

  • no excuses for being hungry! our island snack boxes are generously portioned

  • family size boxes. just enough to share with guests

  • need snacks, tropical juice bar flavors and more? stay out of the kitchen. let us do the work.

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