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Hospitality Service & Sales Jobs in Virginia

A Place Where Work Meets Vacation

Consider our pop-up shop sales jobs in Virginia and other career growth opportunities with first ever Caribbean online shopping resort. We are always searching for talented individuals that would be a great fit to help us go above and beyond the horizon. islsnac core values

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Current and Future Opening Sales Jobs and more:

  • Data Entry Specialist

  • Logistical Support

  • Online Marketing & SEO

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sales manager jobs in virginia

Core Values


I - Innovative: We are open to new ideas and creative solutions. And constantly seeking to improve and discover new and better ways of doing things. We embrace risks and challenge the status quo.

S - Sustainable: We create long-term value by balancing environmental, social, and economic factors. It involves responsible use of resources, minimizing waste, and considering the impact of our actions on future generations.

L- Longevity: We work to sustain and thrive over the long-term. That involves building strong foundations, adapting to changing circumstances, looking beyond the now, and investing in the future.

S- Scalable: We aim to grow and expand without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Designing systems and processes that can handle increased demand without diluting or becoming ineffective is something we strive for.

N - Noteworthy: Being exceptional or outstanding in many ways sets us apart. We set high standards for ourselves and strive to exceed them. Furthermore, noteworthiness of individuals within our organization is often recognized for their achievements and contributions.

A - Adaptable: Adapting to change is a critical component of success. Adaptability to pivot quickly in response to new challenges and opportunities is paramount. We are flexible, resilient, and able to learn from experiences.

C - Competitive: Competition is a driving force in our company. Being competitive and striving to be the best and achieving excellence in everything we do enhances performance. We constantly work to improve and innovate, while also recognizing and respecting the strengths of our competitors.

sales jobs in Virginia

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