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Visit islsnac's pop-up shop food resort throughout Hampton Roads Virginia. You will find us at local farmers markets and retail spaces, with samples of delicious Jamaican snacks and more.

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Come share your time with us and other unique specialty vendors and we promise to share a lifetime of experience with you. See you soon!


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Do you have a great product idea? Want to launch a business, but do not know where to start? If yes, this book is for you.

A glimpse of what you will find in this book: 

  • How to start a pop up shop with little money, without leaps and bounds.

  • Pop up shop table Ideas and equipment management and functions.

  • How to do a pop up shop layout design that is attractive and engaging, canopy operation, and sales techniques that will sell any product to anyone.

  • Discover pop up shop food ideas and artistic inventions and more. 

  • How to do marketing and branding at your pop up shop that will build brand exposure.

  • Learn of the pop up shop ideas that will create a 360 degree marketing campaign that continuously connects your ecommerce store and brick and mortar establishment for sustainable growth. 

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Virginia Farmers Market Pop-Up Shop Ideas for Local Shoppers

Whether you need foods for breakfast or lunch, or just some local but great tasting snacks, there are plenty of places to check in if visiting or living near a farmers market VA. You can also buy beach gifts, office or personal items there. Plus, they will inspire you if looking for ideas on how to do a pop-up shop. Here are some fantastic farming, artisan, and bakery pop-up shop ideas to experience, if you are visiting the local VA farmer's market. 

Coastal Thirst
Coastal Thirst provides coastal flared breakfast, snacks, cocktails, teas, tacos, crepes, and juices. They can be found at local events like during the Yorktown Market Days or breweries selling the products mentioned above in Virginia.  They also provide outside catering services regardless of the food on the menu. Coastal also hosts different food truck events. 

Column 15
Column 15 is located in the James-York Plaza and provides cold and hot coffee products, including Ethiopian and Colombian coffee flavors. These products are resalable. They also specialize in health and beauty merchandise.

Cook'n It Up
This bakery specializes in making favorite desserts, cheesecakes, double strawberry shortcakes, eggnog run cakes, and any other bakery product that suits customer needs. You can visit their Facebook page for some taste of what they cook. 

C&W Bees Apiary and Farm
The C&W offers fresh local honey to its customers at events and different locations. You can also reach them for the best-tasting strawberries dipped in local honey. They sell fresh veggies and fruit as well. You can get them at Yorktown Farmers Market and other places or check out their Facebook fan page for favorites. 

Deep Roots Greenery
Deep Roots Greenery provides potted plants and flowers for gifting friends, family, and loved ones. These fantastic flowers and plants can be used in offices, homes, dorm rooms, and other places. These products are offered by Alicia and Dennis, who themselves are military veterans.

BayBodyco. Skincare

Their Motto is: From our Kitchen to Your Skin! Baybody is a local women owned skin care company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They specialize in high quality locally handmade organic skin care products:

  • Organic Soap & Spa Bars

  • Organic Handmade Lotion

  • Organic Pet Care

  • Organic Specialty Handmade Gift sets


They pride themselves to provide ultimate skin healing experience by way of natural herbs, botanicals infused, and cruelty free animal-based skin loving treatments.

Emerald Green 
Emerald Green provides tropical house plants online. Based in Yorktown in Virginia, they sell different types of plants that can be used to spice up your living and office environments. They can be used indoors and outdoors as well. 

FiDough Homemade Dog Treats
The FiDough Homemade Dog Treats provides treats of all sizes and ages and in different flavors. You can reach out to them for beef, chicken, cheezy apples, peanut butter, gluten-free meals, and other foods for your dogs. They can also be found at the Yorktown Market Days, for instance, on Saturdays. 

Folke Magik Botanicals
Looking for personal care products like body bars, lotions, scrubs, teas with pots, and accessories, do not look any further because Folke Magik has something for you. They have handmade the items to ensure that you enjoy them. You can also shop for bath bombs, bath salts, and milk baths, which are herbal baths. What's more!? Herbal baths provide exciting medical benefits you will love. You can head up to their Facebook for a description of the different items they sell. 

Fresh Crunch Pickles
Fresh Crunch Pickles sells pickles, drink mixers, and dips at different DMV and Hampton Roads farmers markets in Virginia. They sell classic cucumbers, assorted veggies, and house-made dips, spreads, juices, and mixers. The pickles also feature various flavors, including sweet, smoky, spicy, savory, sour tastes, and more. Fresh Crunch supplies boxed lunch to companies, tour groups, and students in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland. 
You can find them at Kings Grant every Thursday at the start of every month and Fridays at Ghent during the day.  

Glow Holistic
Glow Holistic provides various products, including tinctures, soap, balms, cream, and bath bombs. Their tinctures come in different types, including bold and balance, and they are home-grown using organic growing methods. They are also clean, beautiful, and healthy, given that they have been produced using liquefied carbon dioxide. The healing creams are crafted using different ingredients. These include seed oils, Cera Alba, Menthol, Cannabidiol, and many others. Other products include gummies and supplements. 

Gourmet & Easy, Go Lebaneasy
If you need Lebanese sauces, ready mixes, spices, and catering, then reach out to Gourmet & Easy, Go Lebaneasy for different offers. It is operated by a family that is passionate about food. You can check out their homemade food offers and products at the Yorktown Market. 

Hampton Roads Winery
Hampton sells wine, slushie mix, home-grown grapes, and mulled spice mix. The vineyard-winery is owned by a couple who set up the winery at Biltmore 16 years ago after retirement. You can check out their products at the Hampton Roads Winery and White Oak Stock Farm. Their wine tasting room is an excellent place to check-in if you love wines. You get to taste their offerings before proceeding to buy. You also get a chance to become a wine club member and purchase wines at reduced prices. Further, you can use the winery vineyard for weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, and other things.

Haashrooms is a place to visit for mushrooms, mushroom products, and eggs. They also sell anti-aging cream sets, creams with mushroom complexes, neck creams, mushroom soaps, Chaga powders, and face creams. The 65-acre mushroom farm in Virginia is operated by a couple who started the venture in 2010. They handcraft all the products in small batches and utilize the whole fruit body in the products. Hence, they end up with high-quality, organic, and fair trade ingredients. 
Steve is himself a local grower and plant expert of 30 years. He is also passionate about teaching other people how to locate edible foods. 

Homemade Playdough
If you would like to buy organic playdough that is traditional and gluten-free, please check it out from Homemade Playdough, started by a mother cook and baker in 2016. She started experimenting with different recipes of Play-Doh back then. 
If you are looking for playdoughs that do not stick on the carpet as most do, then Homemade Playdoughs should be your choice seller. Her products also stay moist for many hours, unlike many that dry up in a few hours. 

Indulgent offers various water-based hand sanitizers, all-natural, small-batch air-freshener scents, and other products. 

Suppose you need Caribbean-style baked goods and exotic tropical hot/cold beverages. In that case, you should contact islsnac, which is an online shopping resort for Caribbean goodies, Jamaica Care package, Caribbean vacation packages, and more. They also have a bakery, grocery, restaurant, and souvenir shop where you can get even more products. 

Jerry's Backyard BBQ
You can find honey mustard barbeque sauces from Jerry's, which you can use on pork, chicken, beef, and seafood.

Kathi's Clam Chowder
Kathi provides lobster and chowder rolls for your events and other needs. 

Kona Ice 
Kona Ice can provide ice for your birthday, wedding, and corporate and church or other events. 

Lil' Alberta's Southern Desserts 
Lil's cooks desserts that look like and tastes like those of Grandma Alberta. The caffe; is whole-foods plant-based. You can get smoothies, yeasts, bread, and other products. 

Lokal Cafe  
Lokal Cafe sells organic wild yeast sourdough bread, other bread loaves, vegan focaccia, vegan muffins, and biscuits. 

Luxurious Liberties
If in need of lotions, oils, bath products, and household fragrances in VA, contact Luxurious because their products are homemade and healthy to use. 

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Do you have a great product idea? Want to launch a business, but do not know where to start? If yes, this book is for you.

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Momma Holland's Morsels
Momma Holland's is a baker providing homemade cookies and gourmets for many years now in VA. You can also find them daily at the Yorktown Market. 

Moonstruck Soap
Moonstruck provides home-crafted nature soaps, baths, and skin-care products in Mathews, VA, and other locations. 

Oak Grove Farm & Meats
Oak Grove sells beef, eggs, and pork cuts by appointment in New Kent, VA. In addition, you can find them daily at the Yorktown Farmers Market

Oberweis Dairy
Oberweis Dairy sells and delivers ice creams and crafted milk products. They can be found at the local VA farmer's markets with their products. 

OverAchieving Tea
This company wants to change the way you see tea by bringing freshly brewed and flavored tea at farmer's markets and events.

P & D Produce
P&D Produce sells local seasonal produce in local farmer's markets and the Manquin-based shop in VA. 

Pop's Kettle Corn
Pops sells pops corns in flavors like original sweet, salty, cheddar, caramel, Theater, and tins. 

Precise Portions/Saje Blends
Precise Portions sells a weight loss system that helps people to eat healthily. 

Raders Quarter Farm
Find the team at the Yorktown farmers market selling pork, Italian grillers, breakfast sausages, bacons, season meat, chicken tenders and breasts, turkey, etc. 

Rising Tide Provisions
The company provides quality products and services to US and Caribbean companies, including certified and home-processed foods, including pizzas, bread, vanilla creams, pastes, etc. 

Rockahock Farm
This farm in New Kent County sells cheese, southern bread pudding, apple dumplings, lemon curds, creams, sauces, pepper dressings, chocolates, stews, cucumber and fresh dill soup, and cheesecakes. 

Salty Bottom Blues Oyster Company
Salty Bottom Blue is located in Gwynn, VA, and sells and distributes foods like 100% organic and home-grown oysters from big waters, but prepared by the best chefs.

Shore Bites
Shore Bites, which is located in Gloucester, VA, provides brisket, seafood, mac, cheese, crab cakes, shrimp baskets, and hamburgers. You get yummy tasting smoked mac, cheese, and seafood like lobster and crab.

Some Thins Gourmet Potato Chips
Homemade potato chips from Some Thins come in various flavors, including salt, house blend, crab, and sour cream onion. 

Studley Farms
For those who love beef and pork, check out the family farm at Studleyin, VA, where statesman Patrick Henry was born. Their beef, geese, ducks, and pork is pasture-raised. 

Sweet Temptations By Teresa
The grocery store is for those who want to buy lemon bars, raspberry ice, desserts, cakes, bread pudding, and home-baked cookies. 

Taylor Made Chocolate
Located in Chesterfield, VA, the company produces chocolate and uses the business to fight human trafficking and slavery. In addition, they use organic and sustainable methods to grow the Cacao. 

Terra Aqua Dynamics
Terra di Siena sells proscuitto, capocolla, salamis, pancetta, whole guanciale, porchetta, and Italian sausage. 

The Neighborhood Harvest
Neighborhood harvest provides lettuces, herbs, fruits, and veggies, grown in their greenhouse. They also offer pasture-raised eggs, milk, cheese, beverages, baked products, and many protein foods. 

Riverview Plantation Trading Company
Located in the Upper James City County, VA, the company sells furniture made from 80% reclaimed wood, homemade honey, home-grown peanuts, air plants, and sorghum. 

The Real Food Bakery
Real Food bakery sells organic foods that are non-GMO, grain-free, and of low carbs. These include berries, chocolates, and others. 

Uncle Russ' Seafood
Uncle Russ' is a seafood market that sells house-made sausages, crafted beers, wines, kitchen menu, and many more in addition to seafood, of course. 

VA Blue Crab
The VA Blue Crab is a foodservice distributor for Bay to Table seafood. They supply foods for festivals, public and private events. 

Zoll Vineyards 
The Farm to Table winery sits on 16.5 acres of land and offers award-winning wines paired with handmade chocolates. 

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Do you have a great product idea? Want to launch a business, but do not know where to start? If yes, this book is for you.

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