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 8 of the best Farmers Markets near me In Hampton Roads Virginia

If you reside or visiting, locate one of the islsnac pop-up shops at any of the listed farmers market Hampton VA venues mentioned below. Sign up and stay tuned for weekly venue schedule updates sent directly to your inbox. 

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A few of the Best Farmers Market near me, Hampton Roads Virginia.

Are you looking for some wholesome shopping, meeting new people, and getting a cup of Joe or some tasty sorrel drink? Well, Saturday mornings will never be the same when you visit some of the most popular places in Hampton Roads. 

These farmers' markets are more than just markets - they're here to reconnect with people that you know and don't know, to find out what's happening around town, and what's the latest gossip.

And then there's the food. The finest fresh produce that you can find period. So, join us to find out what are the 8 most popular farmers markets in Hampton Roads Virginia! If you are looking for fun things to do in the summer with friends, try visiting one of the listed markets. 

Buckroe Beach

If you're looking to support local businesses, more than two dozen vendors are available every Saturday on Buckroe Beach. It's conveniently located at 100 South 1st St and has all the handmade crafts, fresh edible flowers, and fresh-picked produce your heart could desire. 

The market also has special weekends with extended hours until 3 p.m. that include a pet day, vintage market day, and fitness day. This is a very popular market so make sure you arrive early before the fresh goods are sold! 

They're still on the lookout for a couple of new vendors, so if you're local and have something suitable to sell on a farmer's market, make sure to apply. 

Yorktown Farmers Market Days

Yorktown is here for you every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. April 10 through October 30. This waterfront market is one of the most charming and unique markets in Hampton Roads. It also offers many family-friendly activities on special extended market days. 

Shop for good wholesome food, beach gifts, local art, and handmade goods with the beautiful York River as the backdrop! The market also participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help ensure all families in our cities have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options.

Smithfield Farmers Market

The Smithfield Farmers Market is held at 115 Main Street, directly off Main Street in Historic Smithfield. It kick-started early this year in March as there is a hunger for fresh and local food access that is conveniently held outside to help with social distancing. Masks are needed to be worn at all times to curb the pandemic. 

People come to Smithfield Farmers Market for fresh and tasty produce and crafts and arts, but they come back for the nicest people that you can find and the top-notch vendors. 

If you're local, Smithfield should be your one-stop-shop for food and family entertainment. 

Williamsburg VA Farmers Market

Williamsburg VA farmers market is an award-winning, producer-only market that is located in Merchants Square in the heart of historic Williamsburg, Virginia. Enjoy live music and discover great knowledge and hacks from Master Gardeners and other exhibitors while you shop for fresh produce.

The market is unique because it has a central currency in the form of tokens that allow the vendors to accept W&M Express and SNAP. Every vendor does accept cash as well. 

Williamsburg has a tranquil setting with flowerbeds and benches galore so make sure not to miss this open-air market on Saturdays.

Greenbrier Farm

This historic farm, garden center, market, and events venue is located at 225 Sign Pine Road Chesapeake Virginia and is open every day Monday through Saturday. 

What makes this farm unique is that it's a family-friendly Chesapeake destination where you can pick your pumpkins, strawberries, peaches, vegetables, and herbs. Furthermore, farmers market Hampton VA at the Greenbrier Farm offers everything that you've come to expect.

It's also open to the public for walking, horseback riding, bike riding, and fishing. You can see many barnyard animals that include pigs, rabbits, turkeys, chicken, and of course ducks. 

Their kids' playground is always open to the public for families to come and enjoy! Make sure you put the historic Greenbrier Farm in your itinerary.

VA Beach Farmers Market

Also known as Old Beach Farmers Market, it is located in the heart of the ViBe Creative District, and near the Virginia Beach Convention Center. It's located in the parking lot of Croc's 19th Street Bistro at 620 19th St Virginia Beach. 

The VA beach farmers market was founded in 2008 and is run entirely by volunteers as an independent 501(c)6 organization. It encourages people to follow eco-friendly practices by walking or taking a bike ride over and to use reusable shopping bags. 

Make sure to pop over for a delicious breakfast, shopping, or some family time. 

Shore Drive Farm Market

Open every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon, the Shore Drive Market is located at 2947 Shore Dr. in Virginia Beach, next to one of Lynnhaven's Local Coffee Shops. It was founded in 2016 to bring quality local products to the Shore Drive neighborhood and beyond.

Locals love it for hard to find and small-batch jams, hot sauces, puddings, and mushrooms. This 5-tear farmers market is like a mini-festival that you should not miss even though you're not local. 

Portsmouth Olde Towne Farmers Market

Portsmouth Farmers Market is located at 424 Washington St, Portsmouth, Virginia and its focus is on food and farm-related products, but they also have jewelry, soaps, candles, and handsewn or knitted items such as fabulous masks, hats, aprons, and scarves. 

This market has many incredible vendors accepting cards so you don't have to sweat it with cash. And while it might not be the biggest but arguably one of the best farmers market near me, it is still a beautiful venue in a great part of town. The area has an interesting history and lots of sights to see. 

Vendors vary at the farmer's market and are friendly. 

Additional information

Most of these markets are open on Saturday mornings from March - December. Make sure you check their schedules as there are changes due to COVID

Some of them focus more on food than others but almost all of them offer special events that can extend the duration of the market into the early evenings. Additionally, farmers market Hampton VA opening and closing may vary based on location and other variables such as weather condition, special events, or any unexpected issues. 

We're sure you'll find a farmers market that's close to you or you may choose to visit all of them to support the small local business in these trying times. 

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If you are in the Hampton Roads VA area you may find islsnac's pop-up shop at any of the listed farmers market venues mentioned above. Stay tuned for weekly venue schedule updates which will be sent directly to your inbox. 

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