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  • What is your return, exchange and refund policy?"
    Refund and Return Our goal is to deliver to customers snacks that will meet or exceed product quality by providing zero defective or damaged goods. We retain the right to protect our product distribution practices. With that right, we will not tolerate any mistreatment or falsifiable request. Our refund policy has guidelines to ensure the customer's experience is fulfilled within the parameters of islsnac and consumer relationship. Read terms of services and privacy policy. The following items cannot be returned or exchanged because of the nature of these items. We cannot accept returns for custom or personalized orders. i.e., perishable products (like food or flowers).
  • What are your shipping and packaging guidelines?
    Our boxes are made of eco-friendly, recyclable, environmentally inclined packaging. We believe healthy, flavorful, and natural snack foods start with safe packaging. Snack boxes are delivered to your requested location approximately 3-5 business days of your order receipt. Our method of shipment is done via USPS in the United States of America and Canada. To avoid any surprises, a shipping fee will be added to your total cost during the final checkout if the total cost does not exceed the complimentary free shipping amount. We are committed to you by providing a pleasant snack shopping experience. Purchases greater than $40 are granted FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.A only, complementary of islsnac. Islsnac packaged snacks are perishable, without any harmful additives or preservatives. Consumption is recommended within 10 days upon arrival of your delicious snack treats for the best favorable freshness. Snack life cycle and freshness may be extended for a period of 10 -14 days if stored immediately once received, in a dry, cool, clean area, or refrigerate if directed. Temperature between 36 - 41’F is required for specified chilled products. Expect to receive storage/usage guidelines and product manuals in each ordered box. Please read your product and user manuals for details. TROPICAL, FUN, HEALTHY, SAFE SNACKING!
  • Is alcohol offered in any of your food or drink items?
    Yes! Some of our snack/dessert delicacies are infused with less than 0.5 percent of the islands traditional Wray Nephew rum and red label wine. Our products containing alcohol are within state and federal guidelines and are not prepared for intoxication. The intended use of alcohol extracts, is for added flavor, fragrance and preservation that we all appreciate.
  • How long does your snacks remain fresh after i receive my order?
    Our goals are to preserve freshness, ship, and/or deliver freshly made snacks to our patrons. The average lifecycle of our snacks from preparation to consumption is 14-30 days. Our finished goods shelf life is 1 day after product manufacturing. In many cases we provide made to order snack boxes. Snacks are ordered and shipped to consumers prior to the 1 day shelf life expiration. Snacks are discarded once shelf life expiration date. We are committed to freshness! Upon arrival of your snack box, it will last for an average of 10-21 days depending on your storage care. Your package will include instructions on storage care and use by information. Please review delivery and packaging information before checkout. Snacks are made with natural preservatives for longevity and freshness until ready to eat. Always healthy, always fresh, always safe!
  • Do you deliver only in the U.S.A?
    We currently deliver in the United States of America and Canada. As we expand our business globally, delivery will be available in other parts of the world. Please subscribe to our VIP email list for frequent updates and news as we evolve. Delivery is available nationwide within the 50 states excluding the U.S.A territories. Snack boxes are delivered to your requested location within 3-5 business days of order receipt, in some cases sooner. Our method of shipment is done via USPS Priority. Catering Catering service delivery are available local in the Hampton Roads Virginia, within 35 miles radius of Yorktown VA. Visit catering service. Special Events Visit us at the local Farmers Market/Festivals all year round in Virginia's Hampton Roads area. See our next scheduled event.
  • Are my payment information and orders saved in your system?
    Islsnac is committed to providing flexibility and convenience. You are given the option to save your payment information during the islsnac Shop checkout experience for future snack purchases. You can choose at time of checkout to opt out of that option. We at islsnac believe in our customers having choices! For purchases to be saved in our database or the ability to make purchases, you are required to sign up to our web portal. However, you are welcome to tour our site and explore the many tropical flavored snacks and vacation amenities. Please sign up and become one of our many loyal site login members nationwide. Website Membership Benefits Access to your previous orders Keep track of your favorite snacks Easy way to make repurchases Prove of purchase Show off freebies to friends and family Receive freebie’s, coupons and discounts The ability to update your profile information Upload your favorite photo while you enjoy your shopping experience. Make it personable. Why not! Safe login. Your purchase information will only be available to you. How to become an islsnac customer login member STEPS Visit Click Log in: Located on the upper right corner of your screen. If you are already a member, go ahead and login. Not a member? Click the Sign-Up link, located below the Login button Provide the required information in the fields provided. Click the Sign-Up button for submission of your information You will receive a confirmation email immediately to the email address you provided in your inbox. You will then be good to go! Now you can sign in and claim our many tropical flavors. Safe Web Access We believe wholeheartedly for our customers information security and privacy. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy. Your transactions are safe with us! We take extra measures with our SSL technology guaranteeing your data being encrypted during purchases. Your information is protected.
  • Can i get samples of product before purchase? What is a subscription box ? How does islsnac's subscription plan work?
    Absolutely! We are delighted to share our flavorful snacks with you. We will be happy to get you hooked. However, sample boxes are available periodically and may not be available during subsequent periods. Visit our website home page to see if our FREE SAMPLE link promotion is available at this time. Not all snack/dessert items are available for sampling at once. Sampled product choices are rotational depending on customers demand and our inventory turnover matrix. We have a maximum of one product sample per sampling session. Additionally, sampling will not be available within 90 days following your previous sample purchase. If you are satisfied with our taste after sampling and are not able to visit us soon, please share your pleasant tropical experiences with a friend, stranger or family. They will thank you later. If we did not meet your expectation, please let us know and we will go above and beyond to satisfy your tropical appetite. If your snack is not available for sampling in our sample islsnac Shop, please get in touch with us and make your recommendations. Sampling packages will not be of the same portion size as regular purchases, but will follow the same taste integrity, shipping processes, and packaging guidelines. How it's done: Islsnac Sample Form (ISF) processing guidelines. STEPS Visit On the islsnac home page click the link "FREE BOX", if available. Complete form to its entirety. Non-completion will delay your delicious free snack sample. Press Submit We will send you a link, checkout instructions and sample code within 24-48 hours to your inbox Check your spam folder if you did not receive our email in your inbox Please read checkout instruction and make note of your sample promo code. You will need sample promo code at checkout for your FREE sample snack. Click link You will then be directed to our sample snack shop Make your selection of one of our available sample snacks Add to Snack Basket for checkout Enter your sample code in the input box provided during checkout Shipping cost will be applied to your total. You ONLY pay for shipping. Awesome! Press Submit payment You are done! It’s FREE! Along with our free snack sample program, islsnac have also provided other lucrative, convenient, affordable avenues for you to access your favorite island snack treats. Monthly Subscription Membership Plans SUBSCRIPTION PLAN GUIDELINES ARE CURRENTLY BEING UPDATE. CHECK BACK SOON. LEARN MORE For further details on subscription membership plans, please visit our subscription plan portal. Be advised that special offers are not authorized to be used in conjunction with subscription membership plan offers since plans prices are already significantly reduced. Please see term for more information.

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