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Jamaican Sorrel Wine Mocktail

Welcome! The Place where to Buy Sorrel Products and Celebrate Healthily.

sorrel wine

Where to Buy Sorrel Wine Mocktail.

If you've never enjoyed Jamaican sorrel wine mocktail, then you are missing out! Learn more.

  • A new way of how to show up, be bold, become a social butterfly, win many friends, and build long lasting relationships. Even if you are an introvert and tend to be a loner. (Value: Priceless)

  • Here's the perfect solution if you want to be a better host, serve a healthier social beverage without sulfites or any dangerous additives that may cause harm to you and guests. (Value: Priceless)

  • Medical research has concluded that sorrel hibiscus is able to slow your aging, boost your immune system, and improve eyesight. A chance to rejuvenate your confidence, ultimately manifesting better relationships. (Value: Priceless)

  • Discover how to get the most out of your celebrations while enjoying sorrel benefits and become more socially acceptable with this nonalcoholic sweet dessert wine mocktail. (Value: Priceless)

Total Intangible Value: Priceless

Jamaican sorrel wine
  • One Bottle ($29.99 Value)

  • Twin Bottle ($59.98 Total Value)

Get This Mouthwatering Genie in a Twin Bottle and you


Pay Just $46.99 Today.

SAVE $13.00

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Where should We Ship Your Sorrel Mocktail?

Option 1

cinnamon cloves sorrel drink

Sorrel Ginger Cinnamon Sticks & Cloves.

Sweetened with brown molasses sugar. 

(15g) per 6 Fl oz. serving

(120 Cal)

The taste profile includes a hint of cinnamon and cloves. This flavor is referred to as Christmas in a bottle, since it exudes the warmth of the holidays. 

Option 2

star anise sorrel drink

Sorrel Ginger Star Anise.

Sweetened with brown molasses sugar. 

(15g) per 6 Fl oz. serving

(120 Cal)

The taste profile is of black liquorish candy, but very subtle. 

Option 3

honey sweetener sorrel drink

Sorrel Ginger - Pure Honey & Cloves.

Sweetened with pure honey.

 Extremely less sweet, tangier, and gingery. Contains lower calories. It may provide an acquired taste to palate. 

Option 4

allspice pimento cloves sorrel drink

Sorrel Ginger Allspice Pimento & Cloves.

Sweetened with brown molasses sugar.

(15g) per 6 Fl oz. serving

(120 Cal)

 Taste profile is of a faint peppery savor that lingers on palate for a few seconds



sorrel by the case

Local Orders ONLY

What If you could sip the perfect Caribbean Vacation mocktail? 

Would you like to buy premium sorrel drink near me without boarding an airplane?
 Well, you have come to the right place.

Why must I make Sorrel Mocktail my Secret Taste Vacation Treat?

Glad you asked!

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Order Sorrel Wine Mocktail
A Few of our Very Satisfied Snacationers

Awesome customer service!

The Sorrel is like nothing I've ever tasted before; it's the best drink I never knew I had to try! At first, I thought the wine bottle was over the top, but it is perfect. The bottle puts you in a mindset; you are about to have an experience not a drink. The Sorrel feels like it needs to be savored not gulped down. I love it, I can't express that enough. When I bought this I wasn't sold on it, I was introduced to an experience by a great employee that I met at the Navy Exchange. He was nice, kind, informative and best of all he didn't try to sell me; he gave me a chance to invest in an opportunity and I wasn't disappointed.

Deon Irvin

Sorrel made right!

Glad to finally find Sorrel made right. I have tasted quite a few versions of Sorrel in this area and was not impressed with most. I was not expecting it to taste so good, so I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely will be back for more.


My only regret

I recently sampled their Sorrel and the only thing I regret is not buying more bottles while at the market. It tastes like a mulled wine but is non-alcoholic. It's a traditional Christmas time drink in the Caribbean and is served cold (but is phenomenal warmed up.) my husband tried it for the first-time last night and said we” needed” to buy more. I can't wait to try their other items.

Savannah Girard 

The basis of the product comes from the world-renowned Jamaican sorrel that has found a home throughout Asia, South America, and Central America. The sorrel plant in West Africa is referred to as roselle hibiscus. The flower is used as a base for wine beverages or in sauce foundation recipes. Jamaican hibiscus sorrel also known as roselle wine, bissap, or zobo drink, as it is called in Nigeria can be purchased right here at the Islsnac's West Indian desserts and pastry shop.


While our offices are based out of Yorktown, Virginia, our Caribbean online shopping resort with a variety of West Indian goodies, is available to anyone, anywhere! If you are interested in exploring the health benefits of Jamaican sorrel roselle wine mocktail, you have come to the right place.


Click HERE to make purchase. It is a perfect gift idea for all seasons, especially during valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations. Additionally, where to buy sorrel in its dried hibiscus form is available in our tea aisle of the tropical supermarket section. 

learn more
What is islsnac's Sorrel Wine Made of?


Our Jamaican sorrel drink is a bright red, tropical mocktail quencher that is loaded with several different spices. The Islsnac sorrel wine recipe includes cloves, fresh ginger root, and cinnamon sticks. Some versions of sorrel wine are made with added Wray and Nephew Jamaican white rum for casual drinkers.


However, islsnac nonalcoholic Jamaica drink is just as good or even more electrifying without the added rum, which makes it one of the best mocktails to kickstart your social event.


The versatility of our red hibiscus Caribbean wine beverage may be used in your favorite strawberry, mango, and pineapple smoothies for a burst of tropical flavor in your mouth, down your throat, and eventually in your happy tummies. Click here for a detailed recipe and also sorrel drink for sale.


Furthermore, roselle wine mocktail makes a wonderful housewarming gift or as an addition to any functional kitchen. Order your Jamaican sorrel wine today and enjoy a burst of tropical flavor when it arrives!


Where should We Ship Your Sorrel Mocktail?



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