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It doesn't matter which time of the year it is, there is nothing better than a delicious drink made of the unique tropical tamarind fruit, to refresh yourself and your family and increase your energy levels. Tamarindo is a delicious fruit and also good for your health. If you want to know more about tamarind fruit health benefits, keep reading.


What is Tamarind drink good for?

Tamarind and Tamarindo drink are rich in polyphenols like flavonoids, these are powerful antioxidants. They are compounds that neutralize free radicals which are harmful molecules that are linked to cardiovascular diseases, premature aging, cancer, and inflammation. Antioxidants improve your heart health by lowering the levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. It is great to fight inflammation which is a common symptom in so many conditions and can help relieve pain, inflammation is also the cause of many chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Antioxidants promote a strong immune system, making you fight infections, viruses, and bacterias better, you will fight. You and your loved ones suffer less from the flu and other diseases. The existence of tamarind fruit tree has done a great job supplying an abundance of health for humanity. 


Antioxidants and Anti-aging Properties

Antioxidants are effective to reduce the aging process and keep your skin healthy. It will prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and brighten the skin. It may also help to reduce inflammation related to acne.


High in Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in our body and is related to hundreds of functions, however, most don't get enough of it. Magnesium is involved in chemical processes of your body such as creating new proteins, creating and repairing DNA, energy creation, regulation of neurotransmitters which have an important role in your mood and send messages to your brain and nervous system.

Athletes and people who love to play sports are advised to take magnesium because this mineral can improve their exercise performance and reduce fatigue so if you or a loved one loves to play sports and need a boost of energy a delicious tamarind drink is more than what you need.

Magnesium also improves the mood and make people less prone to suffering from depression and prevent migraines.

It pairs with antioxidants to reduce inflammation and improve your cardiovascular health.

Just a little less of 1/4 cup of tamarind pulp has about 6% of all the amount of magnesium you need for the day.


Good For Your Digestive Health

Tamarind is rich in potassium, dietary fiber, and tartaric acid all three which are beneficial for your digestive system and help people who have constipation and diarrhea.


Tamarind Antibacterial Properties

Tamarindo has compounds such as lupeol that are believed to have antimicrobial effects and have the ability to fight many infections.



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what is tamarin drink good for
What does Tamarind Drink taste like?

Tamarind juice pulp taste offers a combination of flavors, including sour, sweet, and tart. Tamarind pulp makes the Tamarindo a sour-sweet beverage depending on the amount of sugar or honey added. It is like sweet, iced tea but much fruitier in taste. Tamarind is a popular Caribbean fruit and is also used to make tamarind candy, otherwise known as tamarind sugar ball (tamarind ball) in Jamaica. 

what does tamarind drink taste like
Where to Buy Tamarind Juice

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of tamarind with a delicious, non-alcoholic drink? Then it is time for you to taste IRIE Gulp. Our drinks are based in lime and unique tropical fruits such as tamarind that will get you immersed in a refreshing, tropical, and delicious experience. Plus, you won't only enjoy the delicious tamarind taste but also feel healthier and with more energy.

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