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Choose Your Favorite Paid Plan Snack Foods

Monthly or Weekly Delivery Service

popular jamaican snacks

savor the bites

a combination of mini buns (rock cakes), gizzada tarts, peanut drops, and coconut drops

fruit granola box

stay fit   lunch

 a combination of granolas; tropical fruit, chocolate malt, Caribbean pumpkin spice, and honey maple. 

monthly snack delivery

crunch & munch

a combination of chips, roasted island nuts, tropical fruit granola and scotch bonnet caramel popcorn


yummy   in   my   tummy

Beautifully packaged triple bun threat. Delicious and yummy. Served with tastee cheese or butter spread. Enjoy with tea, hot cocoa, coffee or milk. 

popular Jamaican snacks

electrify your taste

 a combination of gizzada tart, peanut drops, coconut drops, rock bun and a variety of chips & nuts, scotch bonnet caramel popcorn



There is nothing in the world like our electrifying, beautifully scented Jamaican Roselle Hibiscus plant drink.

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