Try Islsnac vegan sweet ginger candy, Jamaican peanut drops today.  These similar to peanut brittle bites are perfectly sized, just enough for a sweet tooth fix.  This candied peanut recipe includes roasted peanut, caramelized brown sugar, freshly grated ginger root, grated nutmeg, and pure vanilla extract. Sweet made healthy!


Caramelized Jamaican Peanut Drops Vegan Sweet Candy


Jamaican peanut drops are also known as the cut cake and are a popular West Indian pastry snack.  These vegan sweet candy alternatives are cooked with roasted candied peanut, freshly grated ginger, tropical island spices until caramelized and hardened after cooled.



Drops have a similar look to peanut brittle but the consistency and ingredients are very different. Brittle is a much firmer sweet candy in texture that requires a hard bite. On the other hand, Jamaican coconut drops are firmly caramelized and fused together with a bite and chew that are quite soft and delicate. 


Peanut Drops is a great addition to party snack events or a vegan sweet candy selection for a business meeting snack idea.


A similar vegan sweet candy you may want to try is the Islsnac coconut drops rendition.  Additionally, you may also explore the "Family Island Bites" pastry snack box that includes the Jamaican peanut drops and coconut drops


Four individually sealed snack filled clamshells. Grab one and GO! Take to work, school, picnics, religious events, trips /outings, or business meetings. You may choose to take an additional clamshell of Jamaican peanut drops for a friend or co-worker. They will thank you later. This vegan sweet candy snack box is a convenient way to treat yourself hearty, healthy, wholesome, and flavorful during your busy week schedule. 


  • Circumference: 1.25-inch diameter
  • Color: medium light brown 
  • Consistency: medium-hard delicate bites, easy to chew
  • Medium box: 20 peanut drops
  • Large box: 24 peanut drops

Islsnac Jamaican peanut drops are made in a facility that manufactures nuts and may contain traces of nuts including other allergens.
Caution for allergens

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and tree nuts
  • Wheat
  • Soy