Rock Cakes or scones are irregular rock like golden surface, delicate small fruit cake with grated coconut and hints of fresh raisins or chocolate chip. Try this Caribbean pastry snack box gift, for various occasions: Easter, mothers day, birthdays, professional gatherings, or simply a good gesture for family and friends.

Rock Cakes or Scones


Whether you like rock cakes or scones, there is no doubt they are very savory snack bites. Cherry rock buns are also available for a perfect nighttime snack with ginger mint tea or cerasee tea.

Rock Bun also called Rock Cake is originated in Great Britain, where they are a traditional teatime treat but are now popular in many parts of the world. They were mostly available during the second world war since they require fewer eggs and less sugar than ordinary cakes, important savings in a time of strict rationing. Variations include the Jamaican Rock Bun which is similar but includes grated coconut, unlike the traditional British Rock Cakes, which contains only oatmeal.

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Irregular rock like golden surface, delicate small fruit cake with grated coconut, and hints of fresh raisins. Similar to Trinidad coconut drops. Four individually sealed snack filled clamshells. Grab one and GO! Take to work, school, picnics, religious events, trips /outings, or business meetings. You may choose to take an additional clamshell for a friend or co-worker. They will thank you later. This snack box is a convenient way to treat yourself hearty, healthy, wholesome, and flavorful during your busy week schedule. 

  • Circumference: 1-inch diameter
  • Color: Golden brown 
  • Consistency: moist, light mini cakes with hints of coconut and raisins 
  • Medium box: 24 Rock Cakes
  • Large box: 32 Rock Buns Cakes

This product is made in a facility that manufactures nuts and may contain traces of nuts including other allergens.
Caution for allergens

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Tree nut
  • Wheat
  • Soy

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