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Jamaican Pastry

Types of Caribbean Pastry

The Caribbean region is known for it's delicious Jamaican pastry dishes that are offered in many West Indian cuisines worldwide. These savory pasteles, another name for pastry in Cuba, are made with flour, and low fat margarine to create  a puff, flaky, filo, choux, or short crust  types of pastry.


Warm Meat filling and Dessert Crust Pastries

Jamaican pastry and Caribbean turnovers are served warm with spicy meat and vegetable fillings, or cold dessert crust with sweet flavorful coconut or other tropical fruit fillings. A well-known spicy filling flaky warm pastry crust is the Jamaican beef patty. Another warm pastry from Guyana and Trinidad is the Roti pastry, that is usually filled with curry goat or steamed callaloo. A few desserts and Jamaican pastry sweet snacks are gizzada tart (a pie crust with sweet ginger coconut filling), coconut and peanut drops (caramelized sugar with spices) also known as sugar cake or cut cake in Trinidad and Tobago. The list goes on. i.e. rock cake. grater cake, rock bun. Learn more

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