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tastee cheese



Tastee cheese is the staple for Jamaican Easter bun and cheeseJamaican Easter bun, also known as spice bun is a moist flavorful sweet bread loaf infused with cherries, raisins, and other fruit mixes. The sweetbread type brunch snack is carefully baked with scientific precision for a yummy authentic texture that eats well with cheese, butter spread, or avocado. The recipe for this sweet bun loaf is a combination of ground spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice), guava or strawberry jam (jelly), natural flavoring extracts (almond extract, bun spice, vanilla), dark lager beer (dragon stout), and sweet red wine. The aroma and fusion of these ingredients make eating this Jamaican bun loaf the number one selection of Easter bread worldwide. Bun and cheese in the Caribbean are also enjoyed all year round, especially with the right selection of cheeses for a divine bite. If you are a lover of creamy, medium cheddar, soft textured, then the Tastee brand Jamaican cheese in a can will make your Easter bun and cheese sandwich the lunch pastry of your choice. 


For those who are not a fan of Jamaican Tastee cheese on their palates, a thin slice of medium sharp cheddar will do the trick. You will taste more of the fresh yummy Easter bun, and less cheese. 


If sharp cheddar or medium cheddar cheese is not be your cup of tea, then try enjoying the Jamaican Easter loaf with a slice of swiss cheese. Even though this is not a popular cheese for a Jamaica bun and cheese sandwich, many seem to enjoy this alternative. Combining swiss with your favorite butter or cheese spread, will make a creamier taste with less cheese to savor.

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