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Popcorn Popping

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Popcorn popping is a fun activity, especially with children. A year ago, while my wife and kids played duck and dodge pops, I began reminiscing. She had recently purchased a new popcorn gadget; not the same gadget my mother and grandmother used THEN in Jamaica, West Indies. Back THEN, making popcorn was much more than ducks and dodges. It was an adventure, a mission that entails stand the guard and call for cover.

Present-day, NOW, popping popcorn is done in seconds, using an industry-standard, electrical, high sensory, popcorn machine. THEN, we needed matches, coconut oil, and Dutch Pot, known as Dutchy, which was also used to prepare Jamaican coconut drops and peanut cake. Dutch Pot is considered THEN, a multi-functional pot. Dutchy was/is used for frying, Caribbean baking, braising, boiling and of course, popping. Popcorn kernels are placed in a Dutch Pot with some coconut oil on medium heat flame.

The mission was, stay alert, keep watch, and stand cover if needed. For those who are familiar with this popcorn popping method, the kernels can become extremely violent and may blow off the Dutchy cover. A brutal explosion of popping occurs when the favorable temperature range is met, for the kernels to blossom beautifully into pearly white delicate bites. I recommend not trying the THEN method, but if you do, have a three-person force, one for alert, another for guard and the third for cover.

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