Naay or Yaay? Be our eye test expert. Ackee and saltfish sandwich

Updated: Nov 16

Ackee and saltfish snack sandwich

Ackee is the national dish of the Caribbean island Jamaica. Ackee is enjoyed with almost everything. It is traditionally served with fried dumplings, bammy, boiled ground provision, or fried breadfruit. A unique fruit with an acquired taste. It’s usually stewed or cooked down with saltfish, red herring, or smoked pork/bacon with added diced tomato, green onions, and black pepper for a delicious wholesome taste. Ackee will be served at the islsnac shop as a sandwich on a specialty bread. A sample Ackee snack sandwich was tried, tested, and approved by taste experts. As always, we value your opinion. Please be our eye test experts today. Ackee sandwich will be on the islsnac menu at festivals and farmers markets in the summer of 2021. LEARN MORE

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