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Let's husk through a few thing. Islsnac in review. Winter 2020.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

If you missed last season islsnac in review. Get your scoop HERE

The snacation experience has become a frequent quest for many, as we share our Caribbean Snack foods nationwide. Everyone craves the bright sun, clean waves, and fun atmosphere of the Caribbean, but most of the time, the cost is out of reach. That’s why Islsnac is dedicated to delivering the experience of the tropics in a convenient, cost-effective way: The Perfect “snacation”!

Islsnac also offers special amenities if you want to create a true snacation experience. Fun beach-style souvenirs and spa treatments are at your fingertips, ready to enjoy alongside your snack of choice.


January 2020, Islsnac partnered with the Navy Exchange (NEX) throughout the Hampton Roads area, VA.

January 2020 islsnac partnered with EzCater. Let us cater your next event.


Our 2020 New Snack Resolution kicked off blazing hot! Major public event appearance at Festivals and Farmers Markets in Hampton Roads area, Virginia is nothing short of amazing. Folks from across the globe visited us weekly to experience a taste of the Caribbean island goodies. See where we are next. Special Events.

Our Caribbean Style Bread Pudding with rum sauce and caramel glaze has become the staple of our product line. The perfect consistency and divine taste will bring your taste buds to place it's never been. No wonder so many folks can't seem to get enough!

The Chocolate Malt Granola has wowed so many. Guess what! It is nowhere else but at the islsnac shop. We often grapple to keep those delicious smooth tasting chocolate malts on our shelves.


Islsnac appearance on KICK STARTER fall 2020

Hot specialty snack sandwich roll-out, tentatively summer 2020

CBD infused snack roll-out, tentatively winter 2021.

Introduce a few of our dessert snacks in gourmet stores fall 2021.

islsnac launches the snacation spa and snacation getaway services (date TBD)

-Published by owner/CEO

Damian Powell

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