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Healthy snacks on the go with crushed green plantains

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Snacking healthy has never been this much with crushed lightly salted green plantains. We were recently reminded of a fruit that is delightfully prepared on many tropical islands. While visiting Haiti for the first time exploring the country’s taste bud, we discovered one of their favorite Caribbean snack foods. It is the #1 healthy snacks on the go to buy in their communities. There are many popular plantain chips brands available online, including islsnac. For Haitians, plantain availability for consumption is more than branding, it is a lifestyle.

This fruit is a great source of potassium, fiber, and is known as a immune system booster. In the West Indies, plantains are prepared fried, boiled ripe, green, semi-green, crushed, or whole. In any combination, the savory snack bites are addicting. Plantain benefits for the natives are delicious healthy convenient snacking with the side effect being, more sweet plantain chips snacking!

Haitians redefine natural snacking on the go with this hearty ground provision. Plantains are grown in galore and are prepared with many flavors in homes, sold in shops, served at parties, crushed and fried at farmers market, and eaten on buses, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Green plantains is named bannann fri in Haiti, it’s called other names depending on the Caribbean island ingredients or preparation technique. Haiti exemplifies the meaning of healthy snacking on the go. Plantain chips are available at the Jamaican snack store online. Try it! “and snack on the go!”.

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