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Say hello to Donkey(Jackass) Corn and Police Button

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Mmm... That’s right. Don’t worry snacationers, you will not bite any parts of an actual Donkey or be concerned with the Police showing up at your doorsteps. On the small island of Jamaica located in the West Indies, surrounded by the Caribbean sea, children hover around vendors’ stalls in schoolyards and set sights on challenging their munching skills on these flavorful dense fun eating snack bites. These Jamaican snacks are referred to as donkey corn or jackass corn, and police button.

Donkey corn is light brown in color, rectangular in shape with irregular edges. The police button is a round half-mooned mini cookie resembling the actual buttons that are on the Jamaican police officer's uniform blouses. The shades of colors on these snack buttons are equally divided into dark and light brown.

The biscuit-like snack munchies are flavored with primarily ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, molasses, or brown sugar for a savory biting experience. Islsnac will roll-out these traditional island snacks to the menu soon. LEARN MORE

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