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In this section we will cover Jamaican soup ingredients and recipes for mannish water, also known as goat head soup, fish tea, cock soup, and red peas soup. 

Mannish water recipe and more

Mannish water soup, also known as goat head soup, is the premier Jamaican soup for large gatherings. It has a renkish odor but does not create an offensive atmosphere. Some folks enjoy the odor of this particular soup. 


What is mannish water soup

Jamaican Mannish water soup mix is a unique goat head meat bouillon offered in the West Indian cuisines globally, and street corners locally i.e., Caribbean. Goat soup is the most interesting Caribbean bouillon out of the West Indian soup catalog because of its sentimental presence in the Jamaican food culture. It is found on menus for all celebrations throughout the Caribbean. These festivities include weddings, pre burials functions, also known as “dead yaad or night Yaad” (wakening), housewarming, birthday parties, and just about anything congregation that exudes extreme happy or sad emotions. “Dead yaad (yard)” is considered the staple event for Ram goat soup. Jamaican burial without goat soup may be considered offensive to the life celebration of the dead individual. 

Here is a quick summary on how a typical Caribbean dead yaad would transpire.  Ram soup is the foundation of the night "yaad" menu with roti, oxtail, curry goat, Jamaican festival, and jerk chicken has the main and side dishes.


Jamaican Mannish water soup or the fish tea soup are usually the warmup appetizers. After having Jamaican fish tea soup, a claim is made for a red stripe beer buried below the Dandy Shandy in the fully iced drum pan (igloo). As West Indian will say, " get rid of the extra gas before beer consumption".


After enjoying an ice-cold bottle of red stripe, it's time to savor the fried dumplings and jerk chicken that are tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. Nevertheless, before partaking in those two traditional Jamaican food, an additional cup of ram soup is required to eliminate more gas that has been built up from the six pack sorrel red stripe. The rule is, not to drink beer on an empty stomach, and goat head soup is the selected starter food at these events. Consider it as an appetizer before the main course and side dishes, followed by a slice of hell a top, hell a bottom, and hallelujah in the middle Jamaican sweet potato pudding dessert. 


Now that you have gotten the main scoop on mannish water, arguably the most popular Jamaican soup, continue reading for the recipe. Recipe will be available soon.

How to make Jamaican Chicken Soup: Being updated, check back soon.

Fish Tea benefits and recipe from scratch:

Jamaican Fish tea soup is anything but tea, it is a light bouillon, made from similar Jamaican soup ingredients, but with less ground food. As a favorite appetizer on Jamaican menus, fish tea is a delicious option to open the appetite for the main course. The recipe can be adjusted, hence serving fish tea as a meal or it can be served as a regular Jamaican soup.

Fish tea Jamaican soup ingredients:

2 lbs. fish 

4 cups water

3 cloves garlic

3 sprigs thyme

6 dried pimento berries

2 stalk escallion

3 cloves garlic crushed

2 lbs. Irish or Idaho potatoes

3 Green Bananas

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp black pepper

3 slices lemon or lime

1 large pepper

7 cups of additional water


Fish tea Jamaican soup instructions from scratch: 

  1. Wash fish thoroughly with lime

  2. Season fish with black pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, garlic onion and thyme.

  3. Boil 4 cups of water in a crockpot or bouillon pot

  4. Add fish, garlic and pimento berries to the crockpot,

  5. Allow to cook until fish comes off the bone. This should take approximately 10 minutes.

  6. Strain fish to ensure that the parts do not get separated.

  7. Wash and peel potatoes.

  8. Peel and wash green bananas

  9. Add potatoes, bananas and the remaining ingredients to the liquid. 

  10. Add fish that was previously reserved for the pot.

  11. Allow to simmer for at least 10 minutes. Adding spinners or small boiled dumplings are optional.

  12. Remove from heat and served hot.

Additional notes on Jamaican fish tea soup cooking techniques:

Many Caribbeans prefer to have fish tea with crackers. The hard and crunchy Jamaican water crackers are the favorites for fish soup dishes. The crackers absorbs the flavors of the soup and makes for a filling Jamaican food treat. Fish tea can be easily turned into fish bouillon by adding potatoes or other ground provisions like yellow yams. 

Jamaican Red Peas soup recipe from scratch 

In contrast to mannish water, the Jamaican red peas soup is for perhaps a rainy day date ideas. It is great for warming the spirits and is often used when someone is feeling under the weather. It is made from kidney beans and cooked with similar ingredients to red stew peas. The basic components of red peas, coconut milk, your choice of meat, and spinners (tiny slithered boiled dumplings).

Red peas Jamaican soup ingredients:

2 cups red peas (red kidney beans)

1 lb. salt beef/pigs tail

1/2 cup flour to make spinners

1 1/2 lb. fresh Irish potatoes

2 lb. yam

2 sprigs of thyme

1 stalk scallion

4 cloves garlic

1/2 tsp salt

Dry pimento berries

Red peas Jamaican soup from scratch instructions:

  1. Soak red peas overnight for easier cooking of red peas soup.

  2. Chop fresh beef into small sizes and then season with half of the seasonings. Reserve the other half for later

  3. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a saucepan and braise beef on all sides until medium brown. 

  4. Add beef and read peas to a pressure cooker and cover with 2-3 cups of water. 

  5. Pressure (cook) for about 20 minutes. Meat and peas should be cooked to tender (soft).

  6. Remove and add to a medium sized pot and add the remaining seasoning along with the Grace coconut milk.

  7. Add potatoes, yam, and carrots.

  8. While it cooks, pour flour in a mixing bowl and add water sparingly while kneading.

  9. Continue kneading until it forms a smooth dough. 

  10. To make spinners, you will pinch small pieces of dough and rub between your palms in a horizontal motion. Add spinners to the pot and salt to taste. Cook for an additional 15 minutes.

  11. Serve Jamaican seasoned red peas soup hot or warm.

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