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sea moss
irish moss

Peanut has a very important place in the Caribbean roots and Jamaica culture, with its infamous supligen meal replacement shakes. It is in the food. It is also in the vanilla and peanut meal drinks.

Many grown-ups globally from the Caribbean today, lovingly remember getting peanuts harvested from their farms to make healthy peanut and sea moss combination drink, for a delicious shake like beverage. In many Jamaica tonic shake recipes, the likes of Guinness, tiger bone, strong back, and/or dragon stout beer is mixed in with these healthy meal replacement shakes. The peanut meal shakes are flavored with spices such as  nutmeg, and pure vanilla, combined with  sea moss drink, to make energy-boosting creamy tonic smoothies.


Caribbean men are known to have heightened sexual endurance upon frequent consumption of these fusions. Additionally, peanuts and cashew were also roasted and then were eaten as is or as condiments or ingredients in various West Indian meal drink and peanut porridge mix recipes. Two of the more popular meal supplement drinks are peanut punch and peanut supligen. Peanut punch and supligen may be available at your local  or Caribbean supermarket. They are usually combined with baba roots and tiger bone tonic to create a homemade quick and healthy meal replacement shakes with an added tonic twist to its flavor. Sexual drive and a boost of energy are the results of enjoying these Caribbean delights. 


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